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Exploring the Movie Scene in Fort Collins: A Cinematic Journey

Fort Collins, nestled against the picturesque backdrop of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, offers more than just stunning natural beauty and a vibrant cultural sceneā€”it’s also a haven for movie enthusiasts. Whether you’re a cinephile seeking indie films, a family looking for a fun outing, or a couple on a date night, Fort Collins has something to offer everyone when it comes to movies.

Theaters and Cinematic Experiences

Fort Collins boasts several theaters, each offering a unique movie-watching experience:

  1. AMC Cinema Saver 6: Located on South Mason Street, this theater is perfect for those looking for budget-friendly options without compromising on the latest blockbusters. It’s a favorite among families and students alike.
  2. The Lyric: For cinephiles and those who appreciate indie films and documentaries, The Lyric on North College Avenue is a gem. This historic theater not only screens mainstream movies but also hosts film festivals and special screenings, making it a hub for film aficionados.
  3. Cinemark Movie Bistro: Situated at Foothills Mall, Cinemark Movie Bistro combines the enjoyment of dining with the pleasure of watching a movie. This theater offers a unique experience with its in-theater dining options, allowing patrons to enjoy a meal while catching the latest releases.

Film Festivals and Special Events

Fort Collins embraces cinema through various film festivals and special events throughout the year:

  • Fort Collins International Film Festival: Held annually, this festival celebrates independent cinema from around the world. It showcases a diverse range of films, from thought-provoking documentaries to compelling narratives, drawing filmmakers and audiences alike.
  • Fort Collins Art Cinema: Organized by the local arts community, this event focuses on avant-garde and experimental films, offering a platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their work.

Community Engagement and Film Education

Beyond just screening movies, Fort Collins encourages community engagement and film education:

  • CSU’s Gregory Allicar Museum of Art: Often hosts film screenings that complement their art exhibitions, providing a cultural and educational experience for attendees.
  • Local Film Clubs and Meetups: Fort Collins is home to several film clubs and meetups where movie enthusiasts gather to discuss, critique, and appreciate cinema together. These groups often organize screenings of classic films, director retrospectives, and themed movie nights.

Movie-Related Venues and Activities

In addition to traditional theaters, Fort Collins offers movie-related venues and activities:

  • Outdoor Screenings: During the summer months, various parks and community centers host outdoor movie screenings, allowing residents to enjoy films under the stars.
  • Trivia Nights and Movie-Themed Events: Bars and pubs in Fort Collins occasionally host movie trivia nights and themed events, combining socializing with cinematic enjoyment.


Whether you’re catching the latest Hollywood blockbuster, immersing yourself in indie films, or enjoying a classic under the stars, Fort Collins provides a rich tapestry of cinematic experiences. From intimate theaters showcasing independent productions to outdoor screenings and film festivals celebrating diverse narratives, the city’s movie scene is as diverse and dynamic as its residents. Whether you’re a longtime resident or a visitor exploring the area, Fort Collins promises a memorable and enriching journey through the world of cinema.

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