My name is Emily, and I provide simple tools to build a business on a solid foundation for the digital entrepreneur.

My passion to help grow your business is as natural as sunlight. My unfiltered approach helps entrepreneurs pursue their passions and make more money. I enjoy talking unapologetically about money—and how your business can make more of it.

After spending 20 years working inside companies helping to run their businesses, from candle manufacturing to private jets, I fully understood my passion of helping entrepreneurs focus on ways to build a solid foundation & money mindset to better serve their customers, increase their small business revenue, and make decisions for their future brand offerings through the use of templates and processes that become your core tools.

Born and raised in Minnesota, we moved several years ago to Hawai’i to ditch our snowboots and use our snorkels year-round; I believe the adventure of the unknown is both metaphorical in business as it is in life.