Emily Mahr
Helping Entrepreneurs focus more on their passions, less on paperwork.

Virtual Support

Virtual Organizational Bookkeeping & Administrative Support to help entrepreneurs to focus on their passions, not paperwork.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Monthly Bookkeeping

from 325.00

You will be provided general Bookkeeping services, which includes organizing paperwork, digitally and physically. Creating and updating invoices, applying payments, requesting past-due payments, and other services if discussed.

Pricing is per month, to be paid at least 10 days before the month services are to start.
Example: 3 month contract is $350 each month, paid each month in advance. Services requested to be started in January, payment must be made on or before December 10th to ensure proper scheduling is available. Save money with a longer contract. For contracts longer than offered, inquire using the form linked on that page.

Auditing and Attestation are not available. Annual Tax Preparation & Filing is not included.

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