Emily Mahr
Helping Entrepreneurs focus more on their passions.

Virtual Assistant

An assistant completes administrative tasks, and fill the gaps, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


Every entrepreneur needs an assistant, to complete administrative tasks and fill the gaps allowing the business owner to focus on growing the business.

Maybe you don’t love the administrative duties of running a business, or side hustle. That’s an area I can create some ease. I have managed elite business trip coordination, provided administrative support sufficient for lawyers, and can fine tune your schedule gifting you more time. 

I’m passionate when people are out doing what they love, with people they want to work with! 

My clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing I’ll compile the best choices, and make the best decision, for them using all of the resources available, whether that’s managing their mail, calendar, or researching for upcoming/current projects. Most clients only need 5-10 hours of my administrative time each week, compared to having an in-house assistant saving them several hundred dollars each week. My rates include all of the basic necessities to perform this work, reducing the cost of required utilities, office space, and many more expenses the business owner may not have in their desired work space.

  • Answering help requests

  • Blog management

  • Booking appointments with clients

  • Calendar Management

  • Creating basic reports (reports on weekly tasks)

  • Email Management/Filtering

  • File Management

  • Following up with clients/customers

  • Liaison between you and other team members

  • Project Management

  • Research

  • Setup Email Autoresponders

  • Social Media Accounts creation, and content organizing

  • Transcription (transcribing voicemail/voice notes)

Read the list on the right, and make a list of what you’re wanting to delegate; perhaps even write down a few that are not listed.
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