May 20-26, 2018

I'm an affiliate of Target, which means I may receive a small 'Thank you' commission from Target if you purchase through any of the links I share. This is at no additional cost to you.

This week, there are a few sales on a few products I personally love:


There's a spigot at the bottom of the handle on this pitcher!

Last week my favorite coffee maker was on sale (in photo, on left), the older (aka original) model is on sale this week.  This week we needed a new water filtration system; since we're renting an apartment, installing a reverse osmosis system (the best filtration system possible) is not an option.  After doing some research, I came across the ZeroWater pitcher, and Target happens to have the 12-cup pitcher on sale this week in addition to 4 replacement filters (one filter does come with the pitcher).

I chose this brand and pitcher because of it is NSF Certified, which is routine third-party testing to ensure the product does what it says it will do.  That's important to me, but to decide for yourself find more info about NSF here.

When you buy online from Target, any offer that is eligible for Gift Cards in return, you'll be prompted to a physical gift card or e-gift card.  Keep this in mind for when you want to take advantage of the free shipping on qualifying orders $35+.  I stock up on

The furniture 'HERO' code is also valid for certain indoors furniture, and home items, so make sure you check out anything you've been window shopping for to see if it falls into this deal!!!

For example, if you want to restock your various sunscreen favorites while taking advantage of the current $5 gift card offer for $25+ spent on those items: make sure they're all eligible for the offer by looking for the red deal.  Here's a photo example from last weeks get a $5 Gift Card when you buy 2 paper product offer shown below, but this week you buy two eligible products, and you get a $5 gift card.  Add the two (or more) products to your online Target cart, and if your order is over $35 it should be shipped for free!  Always double check your shipping price, but if you want the items sooner, feel free to upgrade your shipping speed.  

If you prefer to have it sooner, you can also choose to pay online and pickup in store later in the day, (some stores and products aren't eligible) or maybe even the next day, at no additional cost!  Yes, this means you can do most of your entire Target shopping online, and pickup in store! This works really well for party planning, as well as vacationing to know what the nearby Target will have so you can reduce what you pack!


Daily Deals

You can enjoy the above deals in addition (stack them) to the 5% off using your Target Red Card (debit cards available for those who prefer not to have another credit card).  All orders over $35 may qualify for FREE Shipping, including free returns either in-store or mail-back. 

I LOVE hearing about amazing deals, please share what you scored this week!