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Target Weekly Deals

Sharing a few of my favorite Target deals each week.

July 8-15, 2018

I'm an affiliate of Target, which means I may receive a small 'Thank you' commission from Target if you purchase through any of the links I share. This is at no additional cost to you.

This week, there are a few sales on so many products I love:

All eligible items are through this photo link.

All eligible items are through this photo link.

Over the last few blogs I've mentioned that ordering online can save you time and money.

Have you taken advantage of ordering from Target online? You can get a GREAT deal this week by stocking up on your usual health items (insert a few products here), have them delivered to YOUR DOOR (or maybe the cabin?!), and worry that your local store may run out (or the one near the cabin won't even stock your favorite item!). 

The current week has a lot of back to school items, such as notebooks and pens, as well as 'on-to-college' items such as blenders, furniture, and other things you may want to consider if your home needs an upgrade of any kind.

Maybe it's time to upgrade your coffee maker, or night stands. Have you been window shopping for new patio furniture, or some new books for summer lounging?

One of my favorite offerings right now, is saving an additional 15% off with College Order Pickup.

Target walks you through everything, starting with where the college is located so they can narrow down where your items will be ready for pickup, providing a checklist of what most college students will use on campus (or a house, you pick the housing!), and holding your items for a designated number of days (it'll say in your College Order Pickup cart).


When you buy online from Target any offer that is eligible for Gift Cards in return, you'll be prompted to a physical gift card or e-gift card.  Keep this in mind for when you want to take advantage of the free shipping on qualifying orders $35+.  I stock up on toilet paper this way.

Here's a photo example from a similar offer a few weeks ago... this week it's $10 gift card when you purchase 3 eligible household paper & laundry items.* Add the three (or more) products to your online Target cart, and if your order is over $35 it should be shipped for free!  

Always double check your shipping price, but if you want the items sooner, feel free to upgrade your shipping speed. 
*Prices shown here are not necessarily current. Check your local store versus Target.com to ensure you get the best price they offer.*

If you prefer to have it sooner, you can also choose to pay online and pickup in store later in the day, (some stores and products aren't eligible) or maybe even the next day, at no additional cost!  Yes, this means you can do most of your entire Target shopping online, and pickup in store! This works really well for party planning, as well as vacationing to know what the nearby Target will have so you can reduce what you pack!

{ Daily Deals }

You can enjoy the above deals in addition (stack them) to the 5% off using your Target Red Card (debit cards available for those who prefer not to have another credit card).  All orders over $35 may qualify for FREE Shipping, including free returns either in-store or mail-back. 

I LOVE hearing about amazing deals, please share what you scored this week!