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Chocolate Chip Cookies


One of my favorite desserts, the chocolate chip cookie, gets celebrated nationally August 4th. In copious amounts of excitement, I'm sharing our recipe for allergen friendly chocolate chip cookies. I recommend making a double batch, and storing half in the fridge and the other half in the freezer. They thaw really easily in the microwave, or sitting on the counter.

Great for back-to-school meal planning, last minute trips, or anytime of day snacks.

Links to the specific products we use:
Coconut Palm Sugar
Egg Replacer
Almond Flour or Almond Flour
Chocolate Chips

Always take the cookies off the pan to cool, we use a wire cooling rack. If you choose to make a double batch, you’ll need more baking time.  

The nuttiness from the Almond Flour adds an additional layer without adding an additional ingredient. Use a pinch of salt to really elevate the flavor, only recommended if you're not monitoring your salt intake.

Please share how these turned out for you, and if you made any changes!
Also share your favorite version of chocolate chip cookies so we may experience new recipes!