Emily Mahr
Helping Entrepreneurs focus more on their passions.


Tools to help entrepreneurs focus less on paperwork.

Organization helps the flow of productivity; current offerings:

Annual/Project Filing Binder

Annual/Project Filing Binder


Are you spending too much time figuring out how to file important documents?

Is paperwork for your big project launch all over the place?

Your filing system could be either too complex or, conversely, not specific enough. The money you invest in updating it right now to reflect the way your current business works can pay dividends over the year in faster filing and retrieval.

I’ll create a 3” D-ring binder specific to your business, based on a few questions you answer, and ship it to you. Once you receive it, you’re able to organize your papers into the categories we have discussed.

If you love it, you’ll use it, and that’s my end game: getting you to love the mundane to allow your business to grow.

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