Expert Advice on Simplifying Your Move

Written by Benjamin Smith, for Best Company.

“What are some things to avoid?

There is no perfect way to tackle packing and unpacking. Each person has their own method that they feel is best. But there are common mistakes that cause moving to be much more difficult than it should be.

  • Mixing room contents
    "Don’t mix items from different rooms. By keeping the items within their respective rooms, you make unpacking a lot quicker knowing your living room box only has living room items. Label the boxes: living room, breakables; bathroom, liquids, etc."
    Emily Mahr, Business Development Strategist and Frequent Mover

  • Ignoring pets
    “If you have pets, I strongly suggest either putting them into a day-boarding facility, or designate a room in the new home you can close them in. This will prevent them from escaping, and give you peace of mind knowing where they are at all times."
    — Mahr”

5 Quirky Pre-Race Rituals Runners Swear By

By Karla Bruning, for

"I overprepare," says Minnesota runner and blogger Emily Mahr via Twitter. "I layout all of the clothes I will potentially wear during and after the race."

10 Things You Should Know About The 2016 Medtronic TC 10 Mile

By Nathan Freeburg, for

This point to point 10 mile course shares its last 7 miles with the Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America. Emily Mahr, past participant, shared with us via twitter that,

The TC 10 mile is a breathtaking way to see the beauty of fall in Minnesota… I love that the hills I dread training for (hello, glutes!) also bring me to gorgeous sights



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