Week 2 Mileage #RunThisYear

Quick recap, since I didn't blog about them:January 1st I ran 3.1 miles: Polar Dash Minnesota, I'll post my recap soon! January 4th, 3.85 miles: SNOW covered everything: 20140112-203536.jpg

Typically, I'll be running on Saturday afternoons, unless something comes up. My goal is at least 5 miles each week, in addition to my scheduled races.

Today, January 11: 6.22 miles, Snow covered most things, but it was melting from the 27 degrees and sun. The Glorious SUN! Winter is cloudy most of the time, and after the Polar Vortex last week, the sun is very welcoming to get out and run. I didn't plan on running 6, but decided on that as I left the house. I only brought water for 4 miles, but I did have a GU before I left, so that probably saved me. I started on my 3.85 mile route, knowing I could add 2.5 miles if I felt good, wishing I wore my phone arm band instead of stuffing my phone into the pocket of my loose fitting windbreaker jacket.

It was difficult to get going on a comfortable pace, since everything was snow covered, and I was in normal running shoes. Well, it felt difficult, even though I was at 10 minutes a mile right away. The terrain was almost like hard sand, you could walk on it, but running made it 'give' a little if you follow what I'm trying to say. I was tempted to run on the road in areas with less traffic, but the amount of melting snow/slush made running messier and colder than needed, so I trudged on.

Just before mile 3, I almost gave in and headed home, knowing I would have time on Sunday to put in more miles, but instead I kept going in hopes of better sidewalk conditions.

I didn't find any.

Instead, I found determination and peace, exhilaration and insight. At mile 4 I was struggling between drinking the last swallow of water and licking my lips in search of hydration. And then it hit me: put snow in my water bottle (the snow beneath the surface, to make my head feel as if it were more sanitary) and melt it against my sweaty body underneath layers of warm clothes. INSTANT (kind of) refill! It worked, after 1/2 mile I had a cold, refreshing, relieving mouthful of water. It was just what I needed in that situation, and finished strong: 20140111-195625.jpg