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5 Apps I love - Thrifty Thursday Edition


Save or Earn money

With your phone based on what you're already going to buy!

1. iBotta

This is an app that gives you rebates at many stores, such as Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, and GNC. While/after you're shopping, search the app for your products, and add it to your list. When you get home, redeem your rebates by scanning your receipt, verifying the qualifying purchases, and waiting for the receipt to be verified. Once you've reached a specific dollar amount, you can request a PayPal or Venmo transfer, or store specific gift card! I started using this app in December 2016, and have earned over $40 so far. This is a free program! Use my referral code when you sign-up, pbmfnsu, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus. Sign up here, and then download the app.

2. Ebates

Do you shop online? I do. Living in Hawai'i really has created my online shopping to increase, since several of my favorite stores aren't located physically here. Ebates is a free program which creates a click-through link for you to earn rebates on your purchases, made through that link! You're able to shop through the Ebates app, the website, use your linked card in participating stores, or install the safari extension to activate the savings on whichever page you're on! I've been using this app since December 2016, and have earned over $200 in rebates already. You can choose to have a check cut to you, or a PayPal transfer, or you can have a check cut to someone else!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

3. Cartwheel

So, if you shop at Target, Cartwheel is the easiest way to save even more money. There's a barcode scanner within the app, which will populate the deals currently available (including coupons) either for that product or a similar product from a different brand. The weekly add coupons (always seem to be baby related) are also stored within the app, and it's now paired to your Target.com profile, which is also an Ebates rebate online store! Some of the weekly ad items are additionally discounted if you use the app, there's categories of which items are available for additional discount each week. 

4. Amazon

I've been using Amazon's Subscribe & Save (Prime Members, only) feature for over a year, and absolutely love it! We get snacks, some bathroom items, and teas delivered! Some items we used to get delivered aren't as easy to deliver to Hawai'i, such as razor cartridges, and tubs of coconut oil, but there are tons of items that create ease for your life! Toilet paper, paper towels, Annie's FruitSnacks, cases of water, etc. I can shop all of the available subscription items from the Amazon app, in addition to my normal Amazon shopping. If you're not an Amazon Prime member, I've partnered with Amazon to offer you a 30-day trial. 

5. Starbucks

As a Starbucks Reward member, I'm able to order ahead... Yes, I am able to order my coffee from couch, waiting for the car wash, sitting in the store, instead of standing in line. There is usually a designated area of the pickup counter for mobile orders, and they'll even call your name as usual with a "mobile order for" ahead of your name! Completely customize your drink, from your phone, and save it as a favorite for easier future orders!
*Do not order while driving, that's not cool!*


All you have to do, then, is drive to your selected store, grab your drinks, and enjoy! You can even tip from the app (unless you're paying with stars, please remember to tip with cash those days!)!!! You can earn stars based on your purchases, which go toward free drinks/meals when you've acquired a certain amount of stars, and you're also able to participate in members-only challenges that increase the number of stars you earn based on your shopping. If you're a regular of Starbucks, you need to signup and get this app!!

I want to know: which apps do you love, because they help you save/earn money?