Week 28 - 2017 Goals Check in!

Happy Monday!!

The moment you rewrite your schedule, and it all falls apart, is the moment you need to be reminded a plan only fails if you let it.


I squeezed in runs, at night, instead of taking time in the mornings when the weather is 10+ degrees cooler, because I felt my body needed to sleep-in. 

There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself (sleeping in, and working out), so stick with it, even if it means missing Wheel of Fortune a few times here and there.  

I've also been reminded this past week that reading a book that feels like a struggle is probably an indicator I need to find a different book to read, right now. Putting a partially read book back on the shelf is not defeat/quitting, knowing there will be a better time for me when that book will be more effective.  

I made it to the beach last week! Such a great day for it, and we found an epic spot to enjoy the view! 

Beach, palm tree, ocean. ❣️ 

Beach, palm tree, ocean. ❣️ 

What's your favorite book, right now? 

Wellness Wednesday - Holidays are coming

wellness-wednesday-fitnessHEYYYOOOOOOOOO!! Wellness is a HUGE passion of mine, and today is Wednesday, so yeah, Wellness Wednesday is now going to be a (possibly regular) thing!

All of the links in this post are original, unsponsored, unaffiliated. This is a post about something I love, and want to make sure as many people see it as possible. Click a link, I won't have a clue!!!!

This year I’ll be avoiding the holiday weight gain with the help of the workout program Lightning and Thunder, by Jen Sinkler and Team Moyer: Angie Brambley-Moyer and Tim Moyer. I am fortunate to always be somewhere in a bikini when the rest of the nation encounters Winter, so that’s additional motivation for avoiding holiday weight gain other than the avoiding the tightness of gained weight in the favorite pair of jeans.

I'm just one person, so I bought the Athlete Edition, for $99. bundle_all

I began the Beginner section of Thunder and Lightning a few weeks ago, and I am IN LOVE with the variety of workouts each training day, as well as the premise behind the program: for athletes wanting to be athletes. I’m not doing a bikini body workout, because I want to look as strong as I feel in all of my clothes, not just a bikini. I’m also not training for anything specific, but this program gives me overall athletic strength so I may choose a different sport with confidence I’ll have a decent amount of strength to get through it. Some of the workouts include items you’d see professional athletes doing in their daily workouts, which just shows that muscle groups need to be mixed up every day instead of solely focused on.

I also love that there isn’t a designated muscle group workout each day, because you work every muscle every day. The cardio is “SAQ” Speed, Agility, and Quickness, and I love it because I can see myself using these techniques to build my daily activities. If you’re ever at my house, you’ll appreciate knowing how to quickly change direction while walking to avoid getting tripped by a cat. The cardio can honestly be done anywhere, you’re not stuck on a treadmill (which always makes me motion sick if I have to exceed 2 miles), or a stair master!

I’ve done a lot of training programs; I’ve bought Beachbody type DVDs, hired personal trainers, and did my fair share of online programs that bikini models put together. Every one is different, and each is for a different person. I’ve found that staring at a TV is horrible for my neck (and yours!) while trying to do various workouts, and that even though a personal trainer is writing a program for your specific abilities, it’s focused on just getting stronger for the goal you give them. The bikini body programs were awesome, because you can envision yourself getting to that shape, but I’m built like an athlete, I thrive in athletic situations, so it’s about time I’ve found a program that is for my body! I love lifting weights, and always have, so this program is really great for me!

Jen has other programs, which I’ve been intrigued with before but have not FALLEN IN LOVE IMMEDIATELY with therefore never purchased.  Because she’s included a beginner and intermediate program, I actually have 6 months (24 weeks) worth of workouts for a LOT cheaper than you’d find ANY where else. 6 months, for $99. Seriously, find something better at a batter price! {Have I told you yet I love a bargain?}

I do have a generic meal plan I follow every day, which will keep my workouts fueled without deprivation, and keep my waist size where I want it: IN MY PANTS, not having over the edge. It incorporates 2 meal replacement protein shakes, 1 protein bar, 1 big meal, 1 dessert, and 2 snacks every day. All of my food is dairy free, soy free, gluten free, corn free, and as organic as possible. This is how my body needs me to eat, otherwise it gets angry and makes me be in a lot of pain. If there’s a big gathering where this plan needs to be tweaked, I plan on my meal, dessert, and at least 1 snack to come out of that. I have an ideal calorie range in mind, but as a minimum calorie intake. I don’t have a maximum calorie intake because I’ve learned over the years how to eye ball what my body needs, and just feel it out each day. I’m not looking to be a cover model, I’m looking to fuel my athletic endeavors, so deprivation is out of the question for me.

I use a nutrition program that I have found to work for me, after all of the years chopping, prepping, cooking, tupperwear'ing, and trying multitudes of proteins from retail stores. Now, I've finally found a training program that I seem to really like, so I'll update you once I get through the first 12 weeks!!!!

**What are you doing to avoid the holiday weight gain? Any tips you always stick with when venturing out for a gathering? Have you done one of Jen's programs?**

Overcoming Obstacles

On October 26, 2015, I started suffering from symptoms of some sort of food borne illness. It was never tested for at the 3 doctor visits I had, strange now that I think about it, so it's not known what it actually was. Three days after those symptoms stopped, my knees stopped functioning normally. The next day, I couldn't walk, and was a ridiculous amount of pain. I cried, a lot, just sitting, and I'm not a crier when it comes to injuries. Since the time of hitting publish on Waking Up a Different Person, I have made great strides in my recovery. During marathon training Marathon Training Mental Road Block, I knew, and declared, I would only do a handful of fun races in 2016, to allow my body to heal from all of the running that accumulated in 2015. As I wrapped up marathon training, heading into the race, I set my 2016 goal on strength training, and enjoying the lack of a rigorous training schedule.

Because I'm currently in the process of building muscle around scar tissue, I HAVE to strength train, and the ability to go for a run whenever I want is becoming possible as we head into the 8th month of full-on recovery. Technically the 9th month, since I took the first month to mentally get my head around the situation I was being given. I have to be very conscious of the repercussions of participating in mid to high impact activities, and plan a recovery day. It's basically like marathon training, but with less endorphins which means more stress and frustration.  I see you irony, I see you.  The mental struggle of marathon training is NOTHING compared to the mental struggle of relearning how to walk, lift, run, jump, etc, without causing injury due to bad form.  I welcomed my first non-stop 5k of 2016 the weekend of July 4th, and almost cried from relief/accomplishment. Remember, I didn't get this emotional after finishing the MARATHON. 

Perspective. I'm one of a tiny group of people that have completed a marathon, but it's more exciting to me to be ABLE to run 3.11 miles nonstop. 

I love hearing how others have stayed focused on their goals, and giving themselves the time to have a tiny pity party, to help me stay on track. Please share with me, here or via email, what obstacles you have or are currently overcoming!

6 weeks until Marathon Day, I've hit a road block

Happy Monday!!! It's been a month since I've posted, and the reason is because I hit a road block mentally in my training.

Have you ever noticed when one thing in life is lacking, other areas of your life also feel as if they fade off a bit? That's how the past month or so has been for me.

Monday's are great days to hit the reset button: new week, better mindset, same goals. So, here we are!

Yesterday, I started 2 personal development programs which lead me through prompts to reaffirm myself and break negative thinking habits. One is 7-minutes twice a day (petakelly.com), the other is 30 minutes once a day (healthymindandbody.com; this is for members only, I am able to help you setup your membership account). Making time for these is important to make sure I finish the marathon, and everything else in my life stays the course and propels me to amazing things.

Of all the advice that I've heard through this marathon training, the most spoken was "It's mostly mental" so while I was warned about it, I really didn't think the mental part would happen in my training. I know it's going to be a mental struggle on race day, but I am sure it won't be as much of a struggle as training is going mentally.

Mental road block running? Yep. I know. Running is usually as simple as lacing up shoes, grabbing a water bottle, and heading out for an hour or three. But since this is my first marathon, and the half-marathons I've trained for had shorter training schedules and mileage, it becomes a battle for me. Here's a few things that run through my head when I check my training schedule for the day: -Have I fueled properly -Am I hydrated properly -What's the weather like -I haven't slept decently -I'll do it later today -I'll get to it tomorrow -I've walked that many miles today And so on.

I really don't want to get hurt, I want to be able to finish the marathon on my own accord, but the daunting 26.2 miles really freaks me out that I'll be out there for over 4 hours.

I've decided this will be my only marathon, and I'm relieved knowing that once I cross the finish line I will only run a few times a month if I'm craving it. I've decided I'm taking next year off, I might run a fun 5k here and there, but nothing longer.

I always wanted to run this marathon, and I honestly was planning on doing it next year. Now that it's 6 weeks away, I really just want to get this over with. I made the commitment, and my fundraiser is $25 away from my goal, so I will finish this thing and make sure there's a buffet of all my favorite foods at home afterwards.

Sometimes, taking a step back at what you're doing is really needed to make sure you're going down a path you want. Sticking to commitments is important, if you don't follow through then you'll be in the habit of quitting and never really knowing what life would be like had you finished.

I want an elevator in my house

HAPPY SUMMER!!! Yesterday was my longest long run EVER: 16 miles. My thighs would really like an elevator, or they're threatening to make me sleep on the couch instead of climbing up the stairs to bed. I didn't plan the day enough, but it seemed to work out in the end.

The day 6:00am alarm: overnight peanut butter oats, get dressed, put in contacts, put water bottles into Fuel Belt, grab bag full of dry clothes, flip flops, wallet, post-run protein recovery, and face wipes.

7:30am: get in car and drive to group run. Error #1: I left 10 minutes late, and stopped at the post office not along the way to make sure I dropped off a package, and realized I forgot a water for the drive. I toughed it out, drove amazing, and arrived 2 minutes before scheduled beginning time.

8:13am: About of us 5 out of the 13 that showed up headed out from the store on our planned route. We started at Mill City Running, you need to go here if you're in MN and have never been, it's an amazing local couple that run this cute store. This store offers supported long runs once a month, they open their doors early only for the group, have aid stations along the route, and allow you to hang out inside smelling funky until you cool off. It's great. For this privately planned shorter long run, they offered only one aid station at mile 3.5.

Since I was the ONLY person out of everyone who needed to run over 10 miles, I knew I would be running alone for most of the time, and felt great about it. Error #2: not paying attention to the route I would be running alone to find water and bathroom accommodations. I remembered what I was told should be my route, but I didn't pay attention to signage while I was running. I knew the path I was running would go on for a very long time so I just stuck with it, even though the breeze and shade were lacking. Sixteen miles, which means I was looking forward to mile eight because it was my HALF WAY POINT.

Error #3: Not knowing where to refill my water in case I needed more water than I carried. I carried 40 ounces, 8 ounces in each 5 bottles, and I was planning on using one bottle for every 3 miles. And then the humidity set in, by mile 6 I knew I was going to need ration. I was running along a bike path, equipped with tire pump stations but zero water fountains, so I started backtracking my route in my head to see where I would be able to fill up. I knew at mile 14 there would be water fountains, and MAN was that a long way to go but I figured it out and stuck to the new plan.

At mile 10 I passed by this cute park I remembered seeing a bathroom sign at when it was mile 6, and there were these neighborhood ladies taking care of the Primp Your Park flowers. They pointed me in the direction of the water fountain, and I refilled 4 out of the 5 bottles I was carrying. I'm still not sure why I didn't fill that last bottle. I drank two mouthfuls of water while I was there, too. Clearly that should've been a clue to refill that last bottle.

The shade of miles 10 through 12 were great, trees galore and even a little wind! The view was amazing, you had no idea what type of neighborhood you were running through but it felt like it should be upscale. At mile 12.5 I saw it, the aid station Mill City Running left! Oh, all I could do was hope there was still water in that giant jug and hopefully some Nuun left in the gallon bottle! And when I arrived, THERE WAS!!! The water in the jug was still cool, and the Nuun was still lemon-lime tasty! GLORIOUS!!!! I drank a cup of Nuun, filled up all of the bottles, drank a cup of water, and headed to finish this thing.


I felt so strong now that I had enough hydration to finish the day, a lesson in marathon training I never want to go through again.

When a runner goes camping

A little over a week ago my dad asked if I wanted to go camping (in a big camper) Father's Day weekend. I immediately said yes!! Parameters: leave around noon Friday, pack light, and campfires. Planning ahead isn't necessary for a weekend getaway for me and I'm so thankful for that. I've missed out on a lot of camping trips (back when they did sleep in a tent) because of having work obligations. First, we had to find a camp site long enough for the equipment as we needed a 53' gravel pad to park on. It took a bit of learning how the reservation website worked, and there were only 2 spots available. Neither had electric hookups but since the camper had batteries we could bring the generator and recharge for an hour each day and be set. SCORE!

Second, I had to pack clothes in 4 days. I planned to wear shorts, so I packed sweats, a pair of jeans, a pair of capris, one running outfit, rain boots, and flip flops. I also packed my tiny shower bag which has a travel size 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner, body wash, exfoliating fash wash, and a loofah along with my shower flip flops (they have holes through out the soles for fast draining). I packed a tee and tank for each day, and a spare hoody just in case I spilled or got caught in a down pour. I always bring my own blanket and pillow, and since this was a camping trip my blanket for this trip was wool.

Third, I need to pack my food. I always bring 2 meal shakes per day, my greens, adapotgens, natural sports drink mix, Nuun, Target brand airborne, my Garuka bars, a GoGoSqueez, and homemade trail mix. I also brought some Zico chocolate coconut water, my homemade coffee concentrate, and some cold pasta salad I put together last minute.

Finally, it was time to go!

We made all dinners over the fire. Pro tip: bring a glove for grabbing hot things.

Our spread the first night. Check out the fancy tea cups! They may have contained wine. My dad had the genius idea of using the dry wood planks for serving the burgers, like the fancy restaurants!

 Nature in all its beauty was definitely the reason we  went camping.


It's a little snake!

I went for a run Sunday morning. It was a little humid out so I chose to run on the entrance/exit road instead of running through the park on the paved trail to make sure I had a good breeze on me.


I used this spickot the entire weekend, nice cold fresh water!


I use the Nike+ Running App for tracking, you don't need data enabled for the GPS to live-track your routes!

It was a great trip.

What did you do last weekend? Do you have any plans for a camping trip? What stories can you share about previous camping trips?

Gladsoles Sandals (& Get 15% off!)

It is summer, which means ADVENTURES!! I'm going RV'ing with the family this weekend, and I'm putting together my packing list. Shoes for RV'ing for me include, boots for muddy adventures, running shoes, rain/waterproof boots, and sandals. You know when you're walking in flip flops and walk right out of them, but don't want to deal with uncomfortable flat sandals that have the metal buckle on the back that keeps them on your feet? You know when you're walking on a flat trail, and get a rock or stick stuck in there because it FLIPPED in from the flop?

You need Gladsoles! I had been eyeing them for almost a year, and then finally got them!

The bag is great!

You get to pick the lace color, and the cinch tab color so you have your ideal color scheme!

They are great! You trace your feet when you order them, so they fit your feet perfectly!!!! (There is an instructional on how to trace your feet)

Once you get them tied to your comfort level, you just slip them on, cinch and go! They're great for everything: running, walking, yoga, and hanging out in the yard.

Nutrition, Yoga, and go everywhere sandals!

AND, since they're not clumsy like flips flops, you can wear them on the beach and save your feet from BURNING!!

The sand in Turks & Caicos was at least 120 degrees F, so wearing these was easier than flips and didn't burn my feet!

Truly, amazing!!! I've very excited to have these in my adventure bag.

Check them out, they have 4 different types of soles: Eco - Made from Upcycled Rubber Tires Street - The lightest model Trail - Rugged & Grippy for off the beaten path Hybrid - Combination of Street and Trail, ideal for the first time barefoot sandal wearer.

If you decide to purchase, use EmRunFree (caps not required) at checkout and get 15% off!

Everything ships FAST, via UPS Priority Mail, so you'll have your order typically (from what I have experienced) within 7 days of ordering. If you think about it, since they're handmade, that's crazy fast!!

Happy Adventuring!

I went Road Cycling for 51 miles to fight MS

On Saturday May 9th, I went for a 3 hour bicycle ride. My half-marathon training schedule said I was supposed to run 11 miles, this sounded like it would work instead. This was my second time on a road bike, ever, the first time was just a few days prior and I rode 9 miles. Good thing I take half-marathon training more seriously. I borrowed a friends bike, since she was 9 months pregnant and wouldn't be riding it. They made sure the normal pedals were on, since I would be wearing running shoes.

The event registration opened at 8:30, it was a brisk 45 degrees and the sun was shining. While the riders huddled in the rat maze registration line, I took in what I was about to do. 51 miles on a bike, something I swore I would never do because I didn't like to bike. Little did I know riding a mountain bike and riding a road bike were two COMPLETELY different things!!


After registration, we got a group photo, and then headed out. There were 5 of us riding in our team, all saying we were going to do the long route, compared to the 15 or 25 mile routes, but that we would see once we reached the "no going back" point in the course. Only one person was really sure, that was my friend's husband (we'll call him Tom) all decked out in his bike gear. Once we started pedaling, we warmed up, that cool breeze kept the temperatures of the hot sun off the skin. I wore a breathable long sleeve running shirt with thumbholes, and running shorts, because I'm a runner. I remembered to wear sunscreen on my bare legs and face.

I broke away from the group at about mile 8, there were hills involved and I couldn't handle going slower up them. Tom kept up with me, and we were a duo passing and being passed.

The first pit-stop was at mile 12, at beautiful Fort Snelling.

History was made here.

This was the decision maker, we had to either get going and make it the "no going back point" in one hour otherwise they weren't going to let us take that route. Tom filled his water bottle, I ate a snack, we briefly saw the other three and decided to get going without them. We were on a mission to get those 51 miles DONE!

There were a lot more hills than I had anticipated, but since going down was a lot more fun than going up it seemed to even out. The views were spectacular, and without that scenery I probably would still hate riding a bike. We stopped at each designated pit stop along the route to eat, grab more water, and sometimes use the port-o-potties. We sat at only one, for a brief 2 or so minutes.


We went through neighborhoods I had never visited before, and some neighborhoods I grew up as a kid. We rode right by the public swimming pool I visited in the summers, rode along the path we went along as a family some days in the summer, and rode passed the hospital my grandma spent most of her nursing career. We had the paths to ourselves most of a the way, and when we shared the path it was with a lot of people enjoying their Saturday afternoon along the lake shores.


It was the longest physical effort of my life, to date, and now I want to own my very own rode bike and do that adventure again next year.

I was this happy 90% of the entire ride!

It is for a great cause, after all: Multiple Sclerosis

Have you ever taken on a challenge you never thought you'd do? Did you end up completely changing your feelings about it, and ended up loving it?

Stirrup pants are back in my wardrobe!

When I was little, I LIVED in stirrup pants. I cried when I wasn't allowed to wear them any more (out grew them, and they stopped making them)!! I remember how warm they kept my ankles, such an important detail about pants. Warm Ankles! Well, I've brought them back into my life! While they're not exactly back in fashion, I'm going to ROCK them!

Here they are, my beautiful stirrup pants!!

"Emily, why would you buy SEE THROUGH stirrup pants?"

Well, because these aren't just ANY stirrup pants. They're compression tights!! They're the Nike Recovery Tight, to be exact. A few weeks ago I started to seriously research recovery pants/tights for marathon training, and wanted to get them in time to really test them out to see if they would incorporate into my training. I had a few brands and styles in mind, but hand to get my hands on them, and my legs in them, before really deciding.

I had some time to kill before picking up boyfriend from the airport, and decided to pop into the Nike Store at the near by mall. I had actually never heard of these, but saw them on a mannequin and thought they were for yoga. I thought they would be phenomenal for yoga by how they looked, and asked an associate where they were in the store to buy. He informed me they were definitely not for yoga, but were practically medical grade compression tights. MY WHOLE BODY WAS ECSTATIC!!! He showed me where they were, and told me a bit about them.

They come in this case:

It's a hard case! Would be great for iPad or Kindle safe keeping.

I took them out of the case, looked at them for a few minutes, saw the price tag ($140!), and told him I'd need to think about it due to the price. I did some further research online about compression tight pricing, and happened to go across the Nike.com page showing these tights happened to be on sale (at the time of this writing, they're no longer on sale)! I went to an outlet store to see if they happened to be selling them, they weren't but I was informed Nike purchases online or in-store have a 30-day return policy so if you try it out and it doesn't work (and you don't trash the product) you can return it!

I jumped onto the website, and hit purchase! The first day I tested them out, I wore them under sweat pants. Since they're dry fit, they didn't add much warmth at all and did wick sweat.

The second day I wore them out of the house it was a bit warmer out and I was going to a Fun event, so I wore this:

Dress! Cover-Shawl/Sweater

I had on a pair of low socks to be comfortable in the boots, and I was SET! It was fun, and they worked great! These will also be fantastic for long travel days, we're going on a road trip (14+hours) as well as a few LONG flights (10+ hours) and I'm excited these will be helping me out!

I highly recommend doing your research into big purchases, even if your definition of BIG is more than mine ($50). You never know what kind of deals you'll get on something you already want!

Do you have compression pants/tights? What fun ways do you dress with them?

March Assisted Long Run (ASL)

I participated in my first group assisted long run last Saturday morning, March 14.  It was a cooler March day, which means I had to wear long-sleeves, fleece-lined pants, and an ear band.  I've been running since 2007, and participated in organized races since 2011.  The fact that it's 2015 and I'm just now joining group runs might show you a trend: I incorporate something "new" into my running every 4 years.  This may or may not be as effective as the elected officials' who are in office 4-years or longer. ;-) An assisted long run (ASL) has at least one water stop, and, if you're lucky, fuel.  This particular group I am now part of has both on their ASL's, which are held once a month.  If you're in the Twin Cities area, you may have heard of Mill City Running.  This is an amazing place for all things running, and they have weekly runs, various in type and distance.  I love going in there just to window shop, and now that I'm running with them it gives me even more opportunities to browse the beautiful selection of gear.

Back to this ASL: since this was my first group run, I was not familiar with their route.  They did a route preview in-store just before heading out, and there were many people that were 'elected' as pacers.  It was a large turn-out, too.

For my training, I only needed to run 6 miles, but they had a 22 miler laid out if someone wanted/needed to go that distance.  It was a lollipop route, which means it looks like a lollipop!

Here are some of the photos I took along the way, since this was a new route for me, and I adore it!  I plan on running along here many days to come, with or without the running group!

Do/have you run with a group?

How to Not Overeat

Happy International Be Happy Day!  In doing preparations for my first half-marathon, I read the book Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance, by Matt Fitzgerald.  Since I'm training for my second half-marathon in preparation for my first full, I decided to read the book again.

I've found a lot of the information beneficial to everyone, not just endurance athletes, which the book is geared toward.  For example, there's a section of managing your appetite and "How to Not Overeat:" 1. Learn the difference between belly hunger and head hunger 2. Clean out your kitchen of the low-quality temptations 3. Use smaller dishes 4. Spoil your appetite 5. Keep healthy foods handy 6. Plan for temptation 7. Avoid distracted eating 8. Limit Variety

Under each are tips and ideas of how to manage your appetite better.  There are three more books in my Kindle Library I 'must' read, so I better finish this book!

Since I love food, and can do a great job eating what's in front of me, there are times I eat faster than I should and regret it later when my belly is swollen, and I move slowly.  I'll keep my self in-check and hopefully not look like this:

What are your go-to books?  Have you read a Matt Fitzgerald piece?  What do you like to eat a LOT of?

Week 2 training accomplished, & today I finished a tough run

March 1st was the first day of training for the Stillwater Half Marathon, which will be a little hilly course.  Day 1 of each week is "strength and stretch," as I'm following the Hal Higdon Intermediate Half-Marathon training plan.  Since the race is on a Saturday (woohoo!), Day 1 of each week is a Sunday!  Yoga is my stretch and strength regimen, I attend a class each Sunday morning.  This ensures I won't be doing the same moves each week, and it gets me out of the house doing something my mind and body need. I've followed the training plan really well, so far.  I have even managed to add in some strength training to more than just the days it suggests.  I want to be overall strong, not just for running.  I only do 20 minutes of full-body strength 3 days each week, max, in addition to my yoga practice.  Typically I'll do strength M-W, as the rest days are falling on Thurdsay and/or Friday each week.  I leave Saturdays for long runs, only, as well as only do Yoga on Sundays.  It has worked out well for me, so far.

Today was my first TOUGH run.  I know it's going to happen more than once during training, but I really needed to talk myself through it.  First my shin was acting up, so I stopped and readjusted my shoes.  That fixed it.  Next, my music sucked; it's the same music from 1.5 years ago when I ran my first half, so it's just old to me at this point.  So, I flipped on iTunes Radio and picked the first one.  That worked for 1.5 miles, then I just ran "silent."  I also had issues with my route, I ended up just taking corners randomly, crossing my fingers the sporadic new route would be long enough to get my 3.5 miles in that were scheduled.  That really did end up being the best medicine, and I will need to remember to just run in silence on my next tough run.  My route did end 3.5 miles, exactly, too.

It truly is a head game.

What have you done to get through a tough run?

56 Hour #Fast - WHY?

Monday morning I decided I needed to Fast, and I decided on a 56 hour Fast.  For me, that means not consuming a meal until Wednesday (today).  Purposefully not having a meal for an entire 56 hours, but if you really think about it I fasted for 64 hours because I slept 8 hours before waking up on Monday.  So I will now call it a 64 hour fast, but not retitle the blog post. :) The reason I chose to Fast is because I am getting ready to do some MAJOR training, I have thrown my name into the lottery for the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon which is June 20th.  I have also registered for the Medtronic Marathon (here and here).  Going through a Fast gets my head into the game, makes me really plan what I need to achieve nutritionally, and to clean my body and mind of any nasty cravings.  I'll be doing a 64 hour Fast once, every other week.  The amount of inflammation alone that is removed through urination is AWESOME!  Professional athletes complete a 24 hour Fast on their "rest" days, so I may switch to those once my actual 12 week training program begins.

I successfully completed my 64 hour fast when I woke up this morning, and had an amazing breakfast to replenish the natural nutrients I need.  I had a vegan protein shake, and a Protein Ice Cream Shake.  The Ice Cream shake counts as my snack for the morning, too.  I did a little research into the history of fasts, because some people question why do them, and it's the Christian Faith that really populated my search feed.  I encourage you to do a search of your own, in case you're on the fence.  I don't nutritionally deplete my body, I follow a system that includes herbal remedies (that taste good, to me) infusing the body with healthy nutrients.

During my short research into Fasts, I also found this little picture, and noticed the Fast side is basically how I already function.  I have nutritional meal replacements (~250 calories each) for breakfast and lunch/dinner, have a few small snacks in between, and then a sit down lunch/dinner (~400-600 calories).  I'll need to be conscience about the meat, but I believe I can handle it.  Now I consider what to 'give up' for Lent.

This is already how I eat, except the meat part.

Are you able to follow this type of Fast pictured? Would you follow the fast I just completed? Are you abstaining from anything for Lent?

#runthisyear half way point

I joined the #runthisyear 2014 challenge and I have a goal of running over 300 miles this year. As of this moment, I'm just over 160 miles. Yay!!!I would like to thank my new protein powder for making me a faster runner, helping me recovering faster, and for pure bliss post run. I've recently had to go up in sports bra size to accommodate my larger obliques so I can breathe and function better in the rib cage area. :/ Not sure how I feel about that.

Where are you on your 2014 goals? What is new in your world that has helped your end game?

Meals as Snacks = SnackMeals - #RunnerProbs

I eat every 3 hours, and I'm not talking about just a granola bar here and a hard boiled egg there. I eat what I call snack meals.Breakfast is not just important, it is required in my house. I will absolutely refuse to do anything before eating breakfast, unless I am going somewhere to eat breakfast. We rarely go out for breakfast because of how hungry I am when I wake up, but when we do we are really going out for second breakfast. Second breakfast is a real thing in my house. Second Breakfast Image found: RunningWithSpoons.com

Between 6:30am and 7:30am I'll eat my first meal of the day. 20131113-151306.jpgFirst breakfast is typically 2 over-medium eggs, 1 serving of Turkey Bacon, or Turkey Sausage, or whatever leftover looks good for breakfast, 1/2 Gluten Free Bagel with cream cheese, cranberry juice, and sometimes a cooked veggie such as squash, sweet potatos, peppers, tomatos, etc. Coffee is a requirement, too.

Meal #2 is around 9:30am. Second breakfast is typically 1/2 cup dry steel cut oats, 1/2 cup powdered almonds (I put them in my single serve cup Ninja and destroy them, it's amusing to do), 3/4 cup frozen blueberries without sugar, and 1 Cup unsweetened Silk Almond Milk. Microwaved for 90 seconds, and done. It's not a morning snack, it's a meal!

Lunch, has to be at noon.20131113-151315.jpg Fourth meal is usually around 3:30pm. Second lunch is a bunch of snacks which typically includes: a banana, gluten free Garuka bar, GoGoSqueeze Applesauce, gluten free pretzels, and something else.

5-6pm = #Runtime. This is the time of day when I've been running for the last 6 months, and it seems to work best for me because I won't be running on empty and reduce my risk of dragging butt or passing out from fatigue greatly. It also happens to be the time of day when my first half-marathon start gun goes off, so I had to plan my training around that to make sure I had a great routine based on the day of the race.

Dinner, has to be around 6pm.

Dessert is randomly chosen, sometimes it's another snack, sometimes it's a real dessert. Has to be eaten before 8pm, though, otherwise I won't fall asleep until after 10pm.

I don't have a diet, this is my lifestyle and that is how I have learned how to make my body happy. I have a slight hypoglycemia, which means I sugar crash faster than most. It's basically the opposite of Diabetes, I have low sugar and need the happy sugars you get from REAL food. Candy, Pop, and other sweets actually do not appeal to my taste buds and quite often make me sick afterwards.

My meals have to include a protein, carb, and fat. I feel complete after these items are consumed, and that happy feeling you get from your belly and brain is AMAZING!

I do take vitamins daily, what I take is directly based on what I have learned I am lacking. My vitamins: 20131113-151811.jpg I live in the Frozen Tundra, so I take Vitamin D daily once November begins. I take an allergy medicine daily, as well as fish oil, and three other digestive helpers due to a GI issue I suffered this past summer. I also limit my cow dairy intake to cheese, or cream cheese. I follow a gluten free diet, and I don't say no to anything my body craves I only limit the amount I have. I finish off the vitamins with, Biotin, Zinc (keep the illness away!) and Magnesium, which helps me sleep. What's your FAVORITE breakfast? What's one thing you eat that makes your day go so much better?

Training Week 6

The end of Training Week #6 is coming to a close, and I'm enjoying rest day #2 today. I've been away from blogging for a bit, my schedule has been (and still is) a bit jam packed, but wanted to stop in and say "Hi, I have not forgotten about you!"
I will have some posts coming soon: Labor Day weekend, the Warrior Dash, getting new running shoes (yay!), and some food related stuff!
Here's a quick little poll about snacking pre-run:
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Enjoy your Friday!

And so it begins

This week started great, despite the fact it was starting on a Monday, as I accomplished day 1 of the training program I am following. I did a light 5 minute treadmill warm up, followed by 30 minutes of various strength sets, ending with a light 5 minute treadmill cool down.On Tuesday, I was mentally and physically tired. By end of the day Wednesday, I was numb with exhaustion. Today, though, I had a fantastic 7 mile run after work (to make up for the 7 miles I was supposed to run over the course of three days) and then a nice 30 minute chest workout at the gym. 20130808-204816.jpg I am BACK ON TRACK! Everything felt great. I am very excited with this feeling.

Have you ever fallen off the training wagon? What got you back on track?

Training for my first Half Marathon

Tomorrow is day one of training for my first half-marathon.November 17th in Las Vegas is the big day! (Hello nerves!) Here's the training program I found to work from: Novice Training Program Here's my rendition: I added a few weeks at the end to increase how many weeks I'd train, just repeating weeks 9-11, basically. This enabled me to make sure I prepare for the 10 Mile race (my first at that distance) in addition to the half-marathon without neglecting the need to taper. Here's the list of races I'm incorporating into this plan: My 2013 Races

I gravitated towards this mileage based program instead of a time based program because I want to achieve the distance at my own pace first, since this is my first race this distance, and work on improving my time another time.

My boyfriend is running the Half-marathon with me. It's his first half-marathon as well, and he'll start his training in 3 weeks. He loves my crazy style, and his super-long legs used to run in high school. We have both travelled to Vegas, but this is our first time going together. We have a short list of things to see/do while we're there (we'll have 2.5 days to be tourists outside of the race time) so we should have a blast!

Are you in training for anything? What programs have you used before, were they a success? What tips/advice do you have for us?