#IceCreamforBreakfast because #kidsgetcancertoo

My FAVORITE ice cream is chocolate almond fudge, but I haven't found this flavor profile in the non-dairy section.  Since today is International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast, a grassroots campaign bringing awareness of the Give Kids the Village Campaign (read more here and here), which is a vacation cost-free for kids with life-threatening illness, and their families. What a better reason to make my own version of chocolate almond fudge ice cream!  I had some thoughts, and decided to go with protein powder, chocolate almond milk, ice, regular almond milk, and some Horchata.  It needs some work on the consistency, but it is GOOD!

Chocolate Almond Protein Ice Cream 1 serving Vanilla Protein powder of choice 8 ounces Dark Chocolate Almond Milk (they come in these sizes in a 4-pack!) 2 ounces Regular Unsweetened Almond Milk 1 ounce Horchata 2 handfuls ice

Blend.  Enjoy!

How did you celebrate this day?

Researching protein powders

I've been reading Matt Fitzgerald's The New Rules of Marathon and Half-Marathon Nutrition because I KNOW nutrition is 80% of performance.20140729-165243-60763911.jpg I've been a protein powder user for many years, trying different kinds, flavors, ways to make them, and I've always felt EXHAUSTED afterwards (and bloated) and thought it was normal. In that book, I learned that my protein was probably not cutting it because it didn't have a carb to protein ratio to benefit my recovery. I also learned I need more carbs during longer runs. I now have autoship for GU through Amazon (that site seriously has everything!) to make sure I have it in stock. I also tried a protein powder back in May and have since FALLEN IN LOVE with it. I even put a little in my fuel belt to use during training to find my perfect sports drink type hydration (since I can't stand actual sports drinks this far). 1. I feel like I have MORE energy afterwards (instead of feeling like I needed a nap). 2. My legs and body goes into immediate recovery! 3. I don't feel bloated!!! 4. It's natural, with zero artificial sweeteners, and has only 5 ingredients.

Have you ever discovered something that has changed your life, like this?

#runthisyear half way point

I joined the #runthisyear 2014 challenge and I have a goal of running over 300 miles this year. As of this moment, I'm just over 160 miles. Yay!!!I would like to thank my new protein powder for making me a faster runner, helping me recovering faster, and for pure bliss post run. I've recently had to go up in sports bra size to accommodate my larger obliques so I can breathe and function better in the rib cage area. :/ Not sure how I feel about that.

Where are you on your 2014 goals? What is new in your world that has helped your end game?

9 hour day, 12 mile run, hills, hills, hills

HAPPY THURSDAY!I started a different shift at work Tuesday night, 10pm-7:30am. I will only work 4 of these each week, which means a 3 day weekend! Today is my Friday, so #allthesleep and #allthefood shall be mine.

After I got home from work this morning, I knew I needed to get in my 12 miler I had been planning on all week. After a little dazed meandering around the house, I got geared up, figured out where I was going to run, and headed out.

I chose a new location, since I didn't want to do laps in my neighborhood. I chose a county park 10 minutes from my house, I knew I could get all of my miles in and the scenery would be rejuvinating. I am running 12 miles, and I don't want to get bored with my surroundings, afterall.

I couldn't find a map with mileage of the trails, so I just set my sights on a path a started running. I knew I'd have to swap out 2 water bottles between miles 4 and 6, so I kept that in mind while the miles went by. There were a few hills, but I took them with stride. I made a 4.1 mile loop back to the Jeep, swapped the bottles, made a stop at the nearby port-o-potty, and the headed down a new path.

I am usually a fan of hills, but there were so many Hills.


One of the paths lead me to this swamp that had a set of docks strung together to make a bridge. HillBHP This part was such a TOUGH effort for my legs, those docks were on floats!!

and then more HILLS. This one had one of those yellow caution signs at the top because of the decline. SteepHillBHP

I successfully kept up my pace, despite the pain shooting through my legs after the dock and hills. After 2 hours, 3 minutes, and 58 seconds, I completed 12.2 miles!!! In my cooler that I had packed, was a shaker bottle of what I am going to call a "Super Protein Shake." I drank it after I spent 5 minutes with my feet up the side of my Jeep. 20140515-202314.jpg The shake was delicious, gave me the recovery fuel I needed, and didn't have a bad belly side effect afterwards (I never realized until now that belly bloat after protein is NOT normal).

Tomorrow I'm going to get my first massage, ever. And it's going to be a sports massage. Perfect planning this week. HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY!

<3 Emily