Warrior Dash 5K

If you ever get a chance, you need to do this adventure race.Your ego won't let you fail, and if you train a bit in the months before hand, you won't get hurt. And you really don't get that dirty. Before picture: 20131114-165837.jpg Our shoes were pretty much brown when we finished, so much fun!!!

This was my second year participating in a Warrior Dash, and I'm sad that I have not seen Minnesota listed as a 2014 course, yet! Last year I participated in the Minnesota I course, and this year I participated in the Minnesota II course. I must admit, I thought the Minnesota II course was EASIER, mainly because it was flat terrain compared to the ski hills of the Minnesota I course. There seemed to be more water stations this year, compared to what I remember from last year, as well.

Instead of hills this year, we encountered: Horse poop (it is a horse pasture), freshly plowed hay fields and all of the ruts tractors create (rolling of ankles was highly possible), and a beautiful, flat run through some trees.

Here are the goods: Shirt (SOFT!) by Reebok: Last year 20131124-073032.jpg This year 20131124-073039.jpg

Bottle Opener medal: 20131124-073230.jpg Last year was a round medal. 20131124-073237.jpg The timing chip was your free beer token, I kept mine from last year. Fuzzy Warrior Hat: 20131124-073931.jpg Monster was giving away cans of their yummy iced tea + lemonade energy drinks, so we grabbed one. The free beer at the end of the run was delicious, so I hear. I don't drink beer, that whole gluten intolerance thing is THE WORST with beer, and neither does my girl friend (she just doesn't like it). We saw they were selling some so we asked and they honored our gluten free request and we had some yummy CIDER! 20131114-165843.jpg

Are you a Warrior? Find a Dash near you: Here

Have you participated in an adventure race? Which one? Do you have any hilarious stories to share?