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Stitch Fix: Fixes #3-5 Reviewed

This is a post with affiliate links; you will pay the same price whether or not I get paid for it. Thank you in advance for supporting what I share.

Reviewing the fixes from my stylist has been on my list, and now I'm finally ready to hit share!!! My first ever Stitch Fix fix was delivered October 2016, and my note for it was specifically versatile pieces that would work well in Hawaii, where we were moving to the following month.

I loved the items! 

After my disappointment from the second fix, I made some changes in my style, but didn’t put much effort into it. I had started a new weight lifting program specifically for hypertrophic muscle growth (making muscles larger), and wanted to show off those muscles… but didn’t do the math on how tough that was going to be if I didn’t give my exact dimensions to my stylist. 

But there were some great pieces that delivered despite my lack of forethought in fixes 3-5...

I don’t remember which pieces were delivered in each specific fix, because I absently mindedly threw away the receipts that were associated. As far as I'm aware, there isn’t a way to look up past purchases, so I'm not sure of when all three fixes arrived, but I do know one arrived December 1, 2017.

You get 5 pieces in each fix, so if we add up what’s here and subtract that from 15 that’s the difference of what I kept versus returned (or possibly sold/donated).

I know I wasn't communicating properly to my stylist to receive the styles I wanted, or felt good in, but I also did feel good in my skin which skewed my perception of what I wanted for clothing and style. I was going through some things, working too much, and forgot what I felt like when I ate and moved my body in the way that best suits me. I gained more weight between September and December than I had realized, which threw me off quite a bit.

I took some time away from Stitch Fix. I actually lost commission because I didn't log into the old affiliate website for 7 months (that company assessed 'fees' which can really eat into your profits)! When StitchFix switched affiliate networks, I started the process of assessing what I wanted. Did I still want to associate myself with the company? Did I want to still not wear half of the clothes I currently owned? Did I want to check out the new products StitchFix had access to that I never would? Because I was part of the affiliate network, I have access to information before the general public, as well as a direct contact for anything questionable that needs clarification.

I have witnessed this company add a line for men, maternity, plus size, and most recently children, so I felt it would be great to see what was new in the women's department especially now that I was being mindful of how my body felt. I still appreciate the service they provide, and see a lot more possibilities in their future, so I moved all of my information to the new affiliate network to start sharing (again) what my experiences have been. I scheduled fix #6, so please stay tuned for that to shortly be shared!

It's all about mindset. I had to get my mind in the right place so I could approach this opportunity to have a personal stylist curate little collections that I might not normally choose, have access to, and quite possibly need more than I realized. 

If you're interested in trying Stitch Fix, or want to gift someone the experience (they have gift cards), I highly recommend it! You pay $20 for the styling fee, which goes towards the clothing you purchase (so it's basically a deposit). If you decide to purchase all 5 pieces, you get a 25% discount. If you need to exchange for a different size or decide to return a few items, you'll use the postage paid envelope that came with your items and pop it in the mail. During checkout, you'll make a selection of style/fit/cut/price in addition to 'keep/return/exchange' so your stylist, and StitchFix, learn about you. As soon as you finish check out, your next fix gets scheduled to the length of time you've designated (if you chose something other than 'on demand'), so I recommend taking a few minutes to write your stylist a new note for your next package and update your Pinterest board with clothes you actually wear!

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