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Spring Cleaning Ideas

Ahhh. Spring. 

The planet has its own version of spring cleaning, allowing new growth to come through. 

Perhaps you’re finally opening your windows after a few months of winter, and filling your home with the spring air. 

Perhaps you’re like many starting to Spring Clean, whether that’s deep cleaning your home, pulling out clothes to donate, or tidying up the pantry of food long forgotten. 

It is a time I have always loved, because refreshing my living space allows creativity to reignite, including new recipes!

I do my own quarterly “seasonal” cleanings, going over which clothing I haven’t worn at all in the previous (applicable) season, which foods I actually did not eat (or shouldn’t continue eating), and tackle those corners that are neglected in regular house cleaning.  Here are some of my tried and true:

Wardrobe Refresh
I go through my closet and find items I haven’t worn as much as I would like, and create a few new outfits with them.  If there are items I haven’t worn because I no longer enjoy how they look or feel, I set them aside for donation to a local charity, or to sell on Poshmark.  When I come across any item that’s been worn a little too often (is excessive showing signs of wear), I consider replacing it with something I already own and simply throw it away. 

Bathroom Refresh
Check medications, ointments, contact solution, and sunscreen for expiration dates.  Even though it’s technically “still good” beyond the expiration date, it is not as effective!  This is also when I review my makeup stash, and clean out my cosmetic bag.  Doing a full antibacterial wash, and reorganizing my makeup & nail polish reminds me which items I no longer feel love for, and which items I need to replace.  I utilize auto refill offered by Target for shampoo and conditioner, Piper Wai is my deodorant, Urban Decay for my favorites from them, and Clarisonic for my exfoliating facial brush.  These programs make it even easier to replace certain items when the new ones are delivered!

Pantry Refresh
Similar to my closet, I see what foods haven’t been eaten as often as they should be.  I check expiration dates, ingredient labels, and if they’re still edible and proper for my dietary needs, I set it in the counter to create a meal with it.  Manufacturers change their formulas and ingredients, sometimes without anything being said to the consumer, which is why checking the ingredient label in addition to the expiration date is necessary. 

Project Refresh
Make a list of all the projects you wanted to have complete by now, and cross off the ones that aren’t as exciting as they used to be; aim for half.  This makes room in your mind for less stress/anxiety, and more room for happiness.  Delegate some of these remaining projects to a handy/crafty loved one, or hire a professional.  This allows it to be done sooner than later, and allowing you to enjoy it!

Deep Cleaning
Going through the house once every three months with a bleach product is usually all a well ventilated home will need to kill any bacteria hanging out from the past season.  This gives you an opportunity to address any small maintenance needs that have been put off (tighten cabinet hinges, swap out door handles) as well as check your smoke detector batteries.  This is also a great time to have carpets and furniture professionally cleaned, which I recommend doing twice a year if you have a family of four or more.  If you’re handy and have patience, doing your own carpet and furnisher cleaning is easier with the quality tools currently available.  A small furniture shampooer tucks away in the storage closet, and a residential size carpet shampooer can be rented from your local hardware store if you prefer not to purchase one yourself. 

Recipe Creation
Using some of the items I dug out of my pantry, and shopping for a few seasonal vegetables, I try to find a combination that I would enjoy making a few times and stashing that in my recipe website.

Do you Spring Clean?
Let me know your methods in the comments!