The TC10 Mile - that wasn’t


I am finally writing the update for the TC10Mile which I was training for last summer & fall. 

Training, itself, went really well, until I landed in Minnesota.  The first three days I was there, the weather was gorgeous; and then it began to rain. It rained for seven straight days, and Minnesota in October means upper 50s for the highs, on non rainy days. 

I got sick.

The day before the race, my boyfriend ran his first two races (he opted to run the TC Loony Challenge, which I ran in 2014), in the rain and cold weather. He was amazing and bought me some medicine from the store down the road because I wasn’t feeling any better on day 6 of this crud (I rarely take any medicine, so I knew this was a doozy). 

We watched the forecast for Sunday, race day, and talked about making the final decision once the morning alarm goes off. We anticipated me not running, but I laid all of my gear out just in case the weather pushed through faster than forecasted.

The weather was worse than forecasted, as it didn’t push through as fast as forecasted and it was windier than predicted. My boyfriend actually told me to stay in bed, to prevent me from further exacerbating my illness, to stay warm, and to hopefully get a little more sleep.

And I slept through what would have been my 10-mile run.

I was bummed, but knew that it was just a race, and my health was the important thing to focus on.

I didn’t start to begin healing until I got back to the Hawaiian warmth and sun, four days after the race.

At which point I stalked the countdown to register for The Hapalua.

Never let a failure be your future, allow it to be a lesson to learn from. For me, destination races are probably no longer for me. 

Nothing wrong with that!

Week 3 - 2017 Goals Check in!


Officially setting habits into our routines takes at least 2 months, so it should come as no surprise that your week 3 of 2017 goals are a bit of a struggle bus.  I'm no different. I have to tell myself my goals, I have to tell others my goals, I have to ask others to keep me accountable, and I have to ask why I'm delaying my goals by not getting to work.

I did not move 20+ minutes everyday, but some days I moved for over an hour. My body is still adjusting to this new habit, so I'm allowing myself some grace in this transition phase. We had a mini vacation at the beginning of the week, which allowed us to explore and easily earned 20+ minutes of activity each day. Being active while on vacation is important to me, while others use it as an excuse to give up on their goals. You can enjoy vacation while still moving, take a walk around where you're staying. Go for a swim. Do a few laps along the beach. Snorkel. Surf. Paddle board. Kayak. All of these allow you to enjoy your vacation!

I didn't blog more than last week. But I am writing this accountability post.

I did mail a letter back home.

Are you allowing yourself some grace along your journey to your goals? Do you need help figuring out the best goals FOR YOU? Setting Goals