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Stitch Fix: Fixes #6-8 Reviewed

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I dropped 7 pounds since fix #5, which is actually a lot on my short body, so I dug through my closet and pulled out clothes I had not wore in the almost two years since we moved to Hawaii and created a sell/donate pile.

I then created a little story for my stylist in the note section for fix #6 to pick clothes for her to match.

I set my auto-ship to every 3 weeks (the most frequent you can request), and waited for the box to arrive.

June 2018: Fix #6

There was this super cute romper that felt amazing, but was too small for my torso, and it was the only thing I didn’t purchase.  I really wanted to love it, but the fit is the most important so I was sad to return it. 

The other 4 pieces I did keep: 

I updated my Pinterest Board specific for my StitchFix stylist, which I highly recommend, with a few things from the internet that I thought I would like.

July: Fix #7

I was so excited when I opened this Fix, my note was all about staying cool during the hot Hawaii summer!! I only purchased 2 of the 5 pieces, but they’re amazing.  

I had pinned this exact sneaker to my board, and she literally said that’s why she sent them. They were also $0.99 cheaper to buy from Stitch Fix than direct from TOMS! This skirt is AMAZING: the fit, the fabric, the pockets, and the design!!!!

The 3 items I returned didn't fit comfortably, or I just didn't like. That's one of the ways our stylist learns about us, and we learn about which clothing fits our bodies.

Again, I updated my Pinterest Board, removing some styles that were delivered and didn't work out, but also uploading pictures of me wearing the clothes I liked from my closet paired with the items from Stitch Fix. This allows my stylist to see what I already have, what fits, and how I'm styling myself to understand what a day-in-the-life entails to send me better options specific to me.

I also wrote a new note for Fix #8, being specific about an upcoming event I wanted to be styled for.

August: Fix #8

This box was originally scheduled to arrive August 9, but in my note for these pieces I mentioned my birthday being August 11 and I wanted a few things to wear that would be versatile for adventure and dinner. My stylist took my note, looked at my Pinterest Board, and then curated a box of clothing quite quickly which was delivered August 6th.

This is a huge deal, because it shows how much the stylists do pay attention to your notes so you need to be very specific! It also arrived in enough time for me to try everything on, take a day to decide (you have a week to decide, but I never take that much time because the second you submit your purchases/returns, your next box gets scheduled), and pack for the weekend get away these clothes were for.

Two pieces I didn’t purchase were tops, the red and the yellow, because I didn’t like how they looked or felt on my torso. This is pretty normal for me, not finding tops that fit well, because I have broad shoulders, back, and thick biceps. I weight lifts, so shopping for anything other than a basic tank from Target is tough; I used to own over 100 basic tanks from Target, mostly every color & pattern they produced, they're comfy and great for layering, but not great for Hawaii heat/humidity.  

The 3 remaining pieces that I did purchase were the red skirt, orange shorts, and blue crop top and they all went well with other clothing I previously purchased from StitchFix (the black crop top pictured).

If you're interested in trying Stitch Fix, or want to gift someone the experience (they have gift cards), I highly recommend it! You pay about $20 for the styling fee, which goes towards the clothing you purchase (so it's basically a deposit). If you decide to purchase all 5 pieces, you get a 25% discount. If you need to exchange for a different size or decide to return a few items, you'll use the postage paid envelope that came with your items and pop it in the mail. During checkout, you'll make a selection of style/fit/cut/price in addition to 'keep/return/exchange' so your stylist, and StitchFix, learn about you. As soon as you finish check out, your next fix gets scheduled to the length of time you've designated (if you chose something other than 'on demand'), so I recommend taking a few minutes to write your stylist a new note for your next package and update your Pinterest board with clothes you actually wear!

They also have a line for men, maternity, plus size, and children.

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