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I didn’t wash dishes for 11 days

Well, I should clarify. I washed my HydroFlasks, Ninja cups, and reusable coffee cup. Otherwise, these are all my dishes after 11 days. 


I work from home 2-3 days of the 5 day work week, and I don’t go out to eat (or order in). I thought how funny it would be to see how long I could go without needing to wash dishes, whether that was because I used up all of the dishes, or filled both sinks.

It turns out, I can go 11 days.

I probably could have extended this, but I was down to 2 forks.

I have known for quite a while that I am really good at sink Tetris, to get through this (what turned into an experiment) I needed to incorporate my skills for planning meals to accommodate my desire to not wash dishes.  

I also just don’t like the dishwasher, as it doesn’t scrub the dishes clean so you’re sometimes left with old food. 

So, how did I do it? 

First of all, plan meals for the entire duration. 

Second, I consume meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch. This saves time, energy, and dishes if you’re diligent about cleaning up before the reminents dry. They’re a complete meal, meaning high in nutrients, quality ingredients, and over 300 calories to keep me full FOUR hours.

My morning snacks were collagen in my coffee and water, and sometimes yogurt and/or pistachios depending on what my workouts looked like for the day. My afternoon snacks were a serving of protein chips, and a piece of cheese.

The first 3 days I had grilled shrimp salads for dinner, and cookies and milk for dessert. The shrimp I cooked in a large batch, and stored in one container.

For days 4-7, I planned cheese burgers with a side salad. I used the George Foreman countertop grill, and since I use coconut oil I didn’t have to clean it each time. I used one large dinner plate for the whole meal, or one large serving bowl if I wanted a burger salad.  

Drinking almost 1 liter of water an hour changes how much you eat, as humans generally mistake the feeling of thirst as hunger.  

Days 8-11 I had chili, a side salad, and poppables (fun chips, so good!). I use one pot to make my chili; I brown the bison with a blend of spices, and then add two types of beans, tomatoes, and a small amount of water so it’s really filling a high in protein (and iron). Once I pour into a storage dish I wash the pot quickly so it’s out of the way. 

This also includes dishes and silverware I used for cat treats. 

All of the dishes, once I ended this experiment, fit into the dishwasher with a few overflowing onto the countertop dish drying rack.

I found it to be a success, and will probably do this again at various times, but not everyday.

Have you ever performed a social experiment on yourself, or your household? If so, how did it go? If not, what would yours be?