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Week 28 - 2017 Goals Check in!

Happy Monday!!

The moment you rewrite your schedule, and it all falls apart, is the moment you need to be reminded a plan only fails if you let it.


I squeezed in runs, at night, instead of taking time in the mornings when the weather is 10+ degrees cooler, because I felt my body needed to sleep-in. 

There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself (sleeping in, and working out), so stick with it, even if it means missing Wheel of Fortune a few times here and there.  

I've also been reminded this past week that reading a book that feels like a struggle is probably an indicator I need to find a different book to read, right now. Putting a partially read book back on the shelf is not defeat/quitting, knowing there will be a better time for me when that book will be more effective.  

I made it to the beach last week! Such a great day for it, and we found an epic spot to enjoy the view! 

Beach, palm tree, ocean. ❣️ 

Beach, palm tree, ocean. ❣️ 

What's your favorite book, right now?