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Meal prep staple

It is football season, and there is now even less time to enjoy cooking without missing a crucial play.

Meal prep on Thursday, is now a thing. For me, at least. I also get Thursday's off, thanks boss!

A staple item in my fridge is CrockPot quinoa. I have variations on how I make it each time, this time with kale, but I always have it.

Rosemary Garlic Quinoa, with Kale

Rosemary Garlic Quinoa, with Kale

It's easy to season according to what protein you pair it with (this particular version is super yummy with chicken or fish), it is good cold or heated up, and it's super good for you! You can make dessert and breakfast variations, as well!! CrockPot is life, for a busy person who doesn't want to turn on the oven in Hawai'i.

What is your go-to meal/side?