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Week 26: 2017 Goals Check In!

Yesterday morning, I ran for the first time in over a week. I needed to rewrite my schedule, because other things became priority when I knew better. 

Yesterday morning, I took back control of my goals.  

My health has always been important to me, but little things can fuck that up if we allow them to intercede.  

I started out with a goal, of at least 0.5 miles. I set my Apple Watch Nike Run app to 1.0 miles for a target, and headed out. The first 0.25 felt ROUGH, but I knew it would, which is why my goal was so little. I was pleased to hear my half-way mark had me pacing close to a 10:00/mile, because the pain was an indicator of my speed and not entirely my lack of endurance. 


It's okay to restart our goals, we only fail when we give up and stop.