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Week 27 – 2017 Goals Check In!

The Magic of Hawai'i begins at the shore

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Happy Monday!

I like starting Holiday's with a workout. Not only does it make sure I'm in-line with my goals, it boosts endorphins to increase the happiness of that day.

Physical: I ran 3 times this week, for 2.5 miles total. I programmed a lot less miles for July than the previous 6 months so I am able to focus on weight lifting. I lifted twice, and loved every second of it. My posture has improved because I have been focusing on form during my weight lifting, which I know will directly help my running. This week I have 3 runs and 2 lifting sessions scheduled, and am very excited for this season's schedule. I'll remind you: I'm rotating through Lightning and Thunder Intermediate (with SAQ), Wildfire yoga, and my Nike+ Running App running plan.

Reading: I'm now working on and for July. These books aren't easy for me to read, as they're not written as I usually prefer, which is a good thing for me to learn new writing styles and understand how to improve my communication to different audiences.

Beach: I did not make it to the beach last week, but since it was the fourth we did spend time relaxing, playing card and board games, and enjoying the downtime. I took a few days to work on my recipe website. Learn more here about that.

I'm always looking for great book recommendations, please let me know which books you loved!