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June Recap (Week 26) – 2017 Goals Check In!

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My June goal was to dial in my nutrition, to get closer to my race weight (approximately 135 pounds for me). I did pretty well, considering I traveled 5 days during the month! I found a great place that met my goals while on vacation, which is key to staying on track! I've dropped 2 pounds so far, and that includes eating ice cream almost every night!

Physical: I ran 24 miles in June, less than half of my May mileage!! I did do more yoga, stretching, and weightlifting, as I know I need to incorporate each of these at least twice a week into my training. I know how important it is to keeping switching workouts up, so my body is constantly getting a chance to use different muscles.

My July goals: Rotate through Lightning and Thunder Intermediate (with SAQ), Wildfire yoga, and my Nike+ Running App running plan.

Reading: I finished , and . Both were a great read! It took me a week to read each, and that's only because I made myself put them down to be productive in other areas of my life! I'm now working on and for July.

Beach: I made it to the beach once on vacation, it wasn't the same as the beaches at home, so I didn't go back. I didn't visit the beaches near home in June, as I've been working hard on my recipe website. Learn more here about what I've been pouring my love into.

What did you accomplish in June? What's on deck for July? What are you reading??