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Week 21 – 2017 Goals Check In!


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Here we are, heading into the final days of May! Any one else think the year is flying by?!

This is also the final week in the private #summersoulsticechallenge group I’m part of. We spent week four discussing Soulutions, and will be discussing the Journey of Inches to wrap up our month-long session!

Physical: I took a break from running, the major increase in mileage during this month was obvious to my adrenal glands, so I've changed my training plan to accommodate increasing mileage at a lot slower pace than what I had been going through. It's quite a shock to the body to run 15 miles in one month, then average 16 miles per week in the following month. The increase in mileage wasn't allowing my body to weight-lift in addition to the running, and my goal is to be able to do both. A lower mileage training plan, in the beginning, will allow both to be possible! I did a lift/run combo on Thursday and Saturday to begin this routine, for a total of 45 minutes of weights and 3.75 miles for the week. I feel great!

It's necessary to change-up your routine to keep your main muscles from plateauing, and allow your other muscles an opportunity to grow! It also helps your metabolism.


Reading: I was able to read a few chapters of The Happiness Project and have found some great info from each chapter, so far, that I will be implementing into my life!

Other:Header I’ve been putting in more work on my recipe website, and am loving the ability to reach more people to help them with their health goals. It's currently under construction, but I am taking pre-registration info as well as recipe ideas before the launch!

–>How has May wrapped up for you, are there any exciting 'wins' you'd like to share or write down to achieve in the upcoming weeks/months?