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Costa Rica - Packing List

img_0671I was given a recommended list for what to bring to Costa Rica for the Find Your Peace Retreat my friend co-hosted. She has been visiting the area we were going to for the last 10 years, going at least 3 times each year, so she knew exactly what to bring. She didn’t exactly list quantities, or what to expect from the weather, so instead of packing a small suitcase since we really wore bikinis and shorts every day, I packed a large suitcase with way too many options. Here’s what I packed, I would recommend this list if you’re doing a lot of activities that require multiple changes of clothing away from your accommodations, you don’t have access to laundry facilities, and/or aren’t comfortable with rinsing out the sweat and wearing again after it’s hung dry.

img_0670Yoga clothes. I was going to a Yoga Retreat with yoga twice a day, so this was essential. I rinsed my clothing off in the shower, with me, and hung dry in the fresh air, in the shade. It worked great.

Wear everywhere clothes.

I ended up not wearing most of these. A simple pair of shorts, and a few top options for covering up are all that's really needed. I wore the palm tree jumper to a nice dinner out, and it was perfect with a pair of flat dressy sandals!

Bikinis.img_0676 I wore them every day, added a pair of shorts when we were in town, and brought a top for eating establishments.

Skin protection, another essential. I brought along UPF Clothing from Atheta and Cabana Life, so I didn’t need a lot of the sunscreen on our activity days. I brought along Lavender Oil as bug repellent to wear after sunset, so I could safely sleep without worrying about sleeping with DEET on my skin. I didn’t use the bug spray during the day, except the one day I walked along the jungle path close to sunset. We weren’t really in a bug saturated area most days, but did bring it with us everywhere we went just in case.

Food You're not allowed to bring living/live food through customs, but prepared/cooked food which can not be harvested from seems to be A-okay. I brought a meal through, as well as some of my usual packaged foods, knowing I'd be hungry and not want to spend most of the days in restaurants. I was also traveling on a budget, as usual, and wanted to allow myself to spend my money on activities rather than food most of the time.

Peace Retreat http://www.peaceretreat.ca img_0810img_0727So I packed baked salmon, cucumber, and avocado into an IsoBag container, and made sure this was also my meal the night before the flight.

img_0688img_0686All my bath items fit into this great 31 bag!

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