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Week 19 – 2017 Goals Check In!


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Happy Sunday! Happy Mother's Day!

Week two is done in the private #summersoulsticechallenge group I’m part of. Discussion is majorly about our mindset, this week focusing on how we are showing up in the world when we're met with resistance. I've been focusing a lot this week on meeting resistance, acknowledging it, and continuing on the path I was on before resistance showed up. How do you handle resistance?

It was also a full moon this week, so the ability to sleep, for me, was decreased since, for whatever reason, I seem to always have trouble getting deep sleep during the full moon.


Sleep deprivation has taken its toll on me. While I did run 17 miles, and 2 workouts Angelike put together for our private group, Saturday and today were no-go's so I didn't cause adrenal fatigue. There's nothing wrong with letting your body rest when it's obviously needed!0646a91f-058b-4ffa-9c14-c93136c5949c

I’ve been drinking a lot more water, thanks to the giant blender bottle I bought last week.

I placed a $300 order of Nuun to make sure I'm getting electrolytes and nutrients through out the day, instead of drinking a ton of water a flushing nutrients. While it's great to drink water, if you're not absorbing nutrients then you're depriving your body! I love Nuun because they offer solutions for everyone, and I use each of the types of products as directed and it's help me stay hydrated daily for 4 years!

Reading: I did not read very much this week. Life happens.

Other:Header I've been putting in more work on my recipe website, and am loving the ability to reach more people to help them with their health goals.

–>I'd love to hear what your goals for May are, did you create any new ones?

–>Did you take a rest day, too?