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Adventuring to Atlantis

img_0690After our adventure to Key West, we jumped on a little plane at the Key West International airport to make our way to the Bahamas. img_0648

We had a quick layover in Miami to start our day, and then a beautiful arrival into Nassau.

When we landed, we hopped in a cab, and headed to our hotel, Atlantis. This was the view from our room.4342de01-48ba-4f75-9d29-e2846010ee04

img_0453img_0436We spent at least two entire days at the water park, it was SO much fun! The trick was finding the right chairs that were close to the slides/rapids we liked the best for easiest access.


We spent a LOT of the time in the rapids, SO MUCH FUN!


Gluten Free quick access food was not easy to get. I settled for nacho salads. :D

There are a few rides/slides you get to go on with an


inner tube (my favorites).img_0449

One you go through a tube through the SHARK TANK! The tube in the distance is the non-tube slide that's completely in the dark (no, thank you!).

We spent one day on North beach of the

img_0576img_0570Atlantic Ocean. The rip is REALLY strong, so I just hung out in the covered lounger most of the day. b90d7e89-b3ad-45ff-b861-e85c0db11584 I really needed to get into a yoga class, since they included one in our resort fee, to help my body from all of the water slides.

It was right away in the morning (my favorite time!), so we decided to lift, then I'd do yoga, and he'd do an extra lift session.

There were at least three Starbucks' on-site, so we adventured to one furthest from our room after we showered and had breakfast.



The entire property is basically an aquarium of various levels, so we went to see as many aquarium-esque things we could find before I was over it...

img_0588 img_0512They designed this place beautifully to attempt to capture the Lost City of Atlantis as much as possible. It was really fun!

There were a lot more areas to view fish/creatures, but, since it was enclosed and there were so many people, I started getting agitated and just needed fresh air.


We did bring our own snorkel gear, so we asked if we could snorkel in the ocean-fed lagoon we saw others doing as part of a group. Since life jackets were free, they said as long as we stayed within the bouy-ed areas, we could snorkel as long as we liked during the daylight.


Toward the end of our stay, we attempted to watch the sunset from this beach.649d41a7-78b2-4fab-8195-0abdccfab747 The clouds ended up obscuring the sun as it set over the horizon, but this view was worth it!

-->Ever been to Atlantis, or the Bahama Islands? What did you love? What do you wish you'd spent more time for?