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Week 18 – 2017 Goals Check In!


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c4e705c5-760e-4782-b3f7-a39114e09f5d Happy Monday!


Week one is done in the private #summersoulsticechallenge group I'm part of. Discussion was majorly about our mindset, which includes learning proper macros for each individual, and learning how to focus on how we feel. I’m used to eating a lot of carbs, so this was a huge wakeup as to needing to learn how to eat differently!

Physical: Id986a8e0-e991-4f27-960a-368041765f3d ran 15 miles, and did 3 workouts Angelike put together for our private group. Hey, muscles!0646a91f-058b-4ffa-9c14-c93136c5949c

I've also been focusing on drinking at least 96 ounces of water everyday, so when I saw this giant Blender Bottle, I HAD TO HAVE IT! It holds up to 48 ounces!

d34cf382-e921-4452-a77b-41dc49515e4dMy macros assigned to me called for increasing my protein and decreasing my fats. So, I've had to get creative. Each night I like to have a Golden Milk, and decided to add a scoop of Vanilla Warrior Blend Protein to ensure my macros were met. WORKED GREAT, and tastes delicious. Recipe to come!

Reading: Oy vey, there's a lot of science-y stuff (post about books I'm reading). Some people really love all of that science backed info, but I'm the person that thinks there can be too much science info! I wish there was a 'I liked blowing up stuff in science, not becoming a doctor kind of science' version.

Other: As I mentioned last week, I added a few new areas to offer my clients. The most recent: getting your house clean, again. c8c16d05-74f5-459e-ab21-71cacb06a995One of my first household chores was cleaning the bathroom, and I was good at it! I've carried those cleaning skills throughout my life, and decided to use this as a part-time business and see where it would take me. The most requested task is to take yellow bathrooms (from dirt, scum, hard water, etc), and bring them back to white! This photo is a progress photo of my knowledge and effort!

I've also made it to the beach, twice! I'm getting my schedule put together better, allowing my to spend two days at the beach in addition to relaxation on other days pre/post work. I schedule my workouts, yoga, grocery shopping, relaxation, and household chores, and fill in the empty spots with whatever I want.

It's a relieving feeling knowing I've made time for myself to 'do whatever' in addition to my 'me time' of working out, relaxing, and cooking.

-->What did your first week of May look like? -->Did you schedule 'me time,' too?