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Week 17 – 2017 Goals Check In!

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img_0615Happy Monday May Day!

It's a new month, which means, for me, new/revised plans. I've added a few new professional areas that I offer clients, which means a few adjustments in my schedule have happened several times over the last month. I've also decided to deep dive my nutrition, as the realness of Autoimmune Disorder has become at the fore-front of my health.

When we last visited, I had mentioned how important nutrition was, focusing on salads at every dinner to help my liver. While I would love to say this was kept, I can't. I can say that I had a green vegetable at every dinner, in addition to a full serving of fruits and veggies at every meal!

For May, I'm learning new recipes to naturally help my autoimmune, because I've stopped taking my arthritis medication--doctor approved! I'm also part of a group to help revamp our mindset, which includes learning proper macros for each individual. I've only guess what my macros should be, and while it did seem to work, I never changed them up to give my body something NEW to do and it got stuck on a plateau.

I'm used to eating a lot of carbs, so this will help me learn variety!

Physical: I ran a LOT more than I have in over a year, and feel AMAZING!!!

Unless you ask my hamstrings, but I have been better about stretching than I have in previous years. Something new to focus on as a healthy addition to my day. A simple 5 minutes of stretching each morning and night is beneficial for everyone!

Reading: I finished Resisting Happiness! It was a tough read, because it makes you think so deeply, but definitely worth the mental growth! On my reading table now: The Immune System Recovery Plan, The Happiness Project, and some Anti-Inflammatory cookbooks (The Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Action Plan, Anti-Inflammatory Diet in 21, The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook).

Beach: Found a new favorite spot. ✌🏼 I'll be scheduling time here weekly. img_0619


What are your goals? How did Jan-April go?