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Week 12 – 2017 Goals Check In!

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Happy Saturday! main-the-miracle-of-the-12-hour-fast

How cute is this image?! It felt very appropriate when I know nutrition is sometimes the hardest for some to focus on, especially during the Spring Break season. I have been doing SO well eating foods that are good for me, and still delicious, such as this platter of seafood and blackened catfish we shared Tuesday. 

I've also been giving my liver special attention and focusing on a salad EVERY DINNER for the last week, and my body definitely agrees this should forever be a thing. While boring happens, a side salad is needed. 


I still didn't workout, but we walked around which I consider positive activity. I'm evaluating the schedule to determine how much working out I'm going to allow myself. I'm thinking 2 runs and 2 lifting sessions; it's going to be a busy week. 


I am going to read for several hours after I hit "publish" on this post, and possibly finish that book today!


What are your goals? How did your week go?