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Week 11 – 2017 Goals Check In!


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Happy Wednesday! snap-11-logo-5000px-1024x1024 How are you feeling after St. Patrick's Day falling on a Friday this year?!

Physical: I took the week off, again. I worked 9 days in a row leading up to a very long travel day, and ended up needing to check in with my body to know if I had worked out I would burn out. I slept the first two days of vacation, thus this post arriving several days after I intended to post it. Sleep. It's SO IMPORTANT, and considering I'm not a person that is able to nap-at-will, these long naps have been screaming I've needed to catch up on sleep. Time to reevaluate what I allow my schedule to be filled with, and block off time for myself to just relax and read a book, daily.

Blogging: Ever wonder what your life would look like if you journaled daily/weekly, and could add photos to it? Try it out, it's actually a good way to remember the fortunate life you're living and keep focusing on what's important to you. I've been putting some photos into the Notes app on my iPhone, along with summaries of adventures or a specific event, and it's fun to go back and look at it. 

Reading: I am still reading "Resisting Happiness," and it's a good book! I have a lot of books on my 'to read' list, and it keeps growing whenever I come across recommendations by friends/mentors. 


What are your goals? How did your week go?