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Week 10 – 2017 Goals Check In!

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Happy Saturday! 12-weeks-w10A lot of changes happened this week, some necessary while others were just to see what happened. :)

Physical: I took the entire week off!

Sunday I ran my first 10k since October 2015, and felt absolutely amazing afterwards! My mind was ready to keep going, but I knew I did not want my body to be over worked.

I spent time relaxing, taking care of my body, and catching up on some movies and books. 

 I decided to not workout, at all, other than a walk here and there to keep active, because I wanted to be part of the group run this morning. Another amazing run, and am eager to incorporate these longer runs into my training program already in progress. A week break isn't a bad thing, think of the taper week/s for half and full marathon training, your body needs the break in order to be pushed further. We train, rest, and then compete. Since I'm still getting back to 100% healthy (read Waking up a different person if you're not aware of my struggle), I know I need breaks more often, and quite frankly I'm not competing for anything 'heavy' until October so I might just take a week off every 6 weeks for funsies.

 I also meal prepped for the weekend, jam packed schedule through Tuesday means setting myself up for success. I chose easy to bake items: Salmon with a random sauce it roasted in, kale, and butternut squash. I topped the kale, after plating, with olive oil and garlic sea salt, and the entire dish was dusted with almond crumbles.  I also made what started out as protein balls and ended up being lazy 'protein snacks in a bag.' The serving size was about the same, so it just made sense to me. I popped the bags into the fridge so they stay less squishy, and less prone to grow mold fast. Here's the recipe I loosely followed. I used a vanilla chai flavored protein, sea salt roasted almonds, omitted the vanilla extract, added a tiny extra amount of orange juice since I didn't have peel, and used honey instead of agave. They taste great! And now that I'm writing this, I realize I do have oranges I could have used for the peel, but that did require a little extra effort I didn't particularly think I needed. 🙃

Blogging: Blogging is a release, in a way, for me to connect with the outside world, and to allow others to know they're not alone in their struggles. I like sharing my (mis)adventures, randomness, and moments of my life roller coaster, but there needs to be a drive, and right now just doesn't seem to be 'in season' for me. I have 9 posts, unrelated to check-ins, drafted and partially finished. The thought is there, just not important to me right now.

Reading: I finished both of my February books, and need to decide two for March. I have several on my shelf, I'm leaning towards one by Mindy Kaling for one of them. Check_In

What are your goals? How did your week go?