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Week 9 – 2017 Goals Check In!


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Happy Saturday! Here's the progress of each of my goals:


Physical: I took 2 rest days this week, as I had the onset symptoms of a cold and wanted to nurture healing. I still did all of my workouts, less one cardio day, I just continued my two-a-day workout on Thursdays. I love being able to rearrange things for effectiveness.

Part of taking care of my body during this cold was changing what I ate to higher amounts of Vitamin C, so  I made 2 soups. French Onion Soup, it was AMAZING, and Chicken Curry Soup, which was literally whatever I had in the cabinets went into the crockpot on high for the afternoon. I also had a detox bath, drank Gypsy Cold Care Tea, and popped a few Zicams, and am feeling SO much better after a 48-hour healing time!

Blogging: There's something to be said about life changes that make you put into perspective what's going on around you. While blogging is a release, in a way, for me to connect with the outside world, it's also keeping me inside from the outside world. Irony... We shall see what unfolds now that this has come to light.

Reading: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up was exactly as I thought it would be, and I love learning fine tuning on cleaning and making sure my time is effectively being spent efficiently. I started Resisting Happiness  and it's gong well so far.Check_In

What are your goals? How did your week go?