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Key West vacation

After traveling in November 2015 after Life Changes, we changed our plan of traveling to  Ecuador in April 2016 (since I wouldn't be able to Climb MachuPichu safely, yet) to instead go to Key West. It'd been over a decade since I'd last been, and the Mr. had always wanted to go so it was a perfect alternate! We owned our own snorkel gear, so we really only needed to find the best beaches to explore! I knew food would be fun, and there was a grocery store within a short bike ride, so the hotel options were essential to pin down. Nearly every vacation that is longer than 3 days we end up moving hotels to be able to explore more of the area, and this would be just the same!

For our first few nights, we chose the Marriott Beach Side, so we could easily drive up The Keys to snorkel randomly. We were flying into Key West, so a rental car would only be needed for this first part of the trip, and it made early morning flights easier since we didn't need to add the drive down/up to the mainland before boarding. Thanks to a free hotel room upgrade, we had a roof top balcony;  but it didn't have chairs so it was just a nice view from the top. The location worked out really well; on our first snorkel adventure, my phone went swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, so we drove up to Miami, and the nearest Apple Store, to buy me a new one. The drive was fun, after our emotions settled, and we made sure to stop at nearly every touristy stop to enjoy the adventure!img_0005

We were able to return the rental car just 1/2 mile from the hotel before getting into a cab to bring us to our next hotel, The Reach - A Waldorf Astoria Resort. I chose this location because you could walk right into the oceanimg_0003, and it was a natural beach (where as other resorts had to build their beaches, and bring in sand) with the perfect spot to hang out and enjoy beach life.

It was also 1 block off Duvall street, so we could easily access the touristy stops,

fun shops, and restaurants without needing a ride, plus get in some awesome exercise to burn off our delicious food finds.

About one month after planning this trip, Mr. realized it would be cheaper to add in a trip to the Bahamas versus planning it as a second trip (airfare change was a fraction of the cost of a round trip flight) so we now had to figure out where my passport was since we knew we'd be staying at The Atlantis (hello, waterslides!).

I loved Key West, but was very ready to get to the Bahamas!

Have you been to Key West, or the Bahamas? What did you love the most?!