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Week 6 - 2017 Goals Check In!


Happy Wednesday!!!! Added something new to my life last week, and didn't adjust my plan to write the weekly blog post accordingly. Good thing life is so flexible. šŸ™‚ Wellness Wednesday seems like a good fit for a recap, right?!number-6Week 6 Physical: I worked out 6 of the previous 7 days (as of Saturday), and took Tuesday off to just relax and recover. Wednesday we took a morning adventure up Koko Head Trail, and decided we will do that once a month to train for hilly races this fall.

Last week I had a difficult time: "I've come to the realization that none of my workout pants sufficiently cover me when I do dead lifts or other bending-at-the-hips workouts." Just figured out the sheer Under Armour hipster panties (in nude/black) work PERFECT, and I'll be stocking up on them!Ā I know some people go sans-underwear, and I am wondering if this is the reason why but not curious enough to try it out as that is not comfortable to me. TMI, perhaps. Whatevs.

I've found ANOTHER sweet pair tights, they're from Ritual Yoga Wear.

I wear them as recovery tights but others swear they're amazing for yoga. I don't like high waisted pants working out, but considering how comfy they are I do believe the masses will love them. They have other tights that is also part of this beneficiary, just check out the rainbow pieces in their shop!

I told you I love rainbows.

I attempted to make taco meat for the Super Bowl, but the crockpot got too hot and committed crock-cide just minutes before we were going to eat it. :( I had 1/2 a Daiya pizza instead, and made taco bake later in the week with a sturdy baking pan. I upped my green veggie intake trifold, by mixing kale, green beans, and a veggie medley (mostly legumes, really) to keep it interesting. I think this is a better way for me since just one type can get old real fast.

Blogging: ... I'm still finding what feels best for my schedule, 3 posts are in the drafts and curating items for a 4th.

Relationships: I am building new relationships while keeping the others kindled.

What are your goals? How did your week go?