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Week 5 – 2017 Goals Check in!

Happy Sunday!!!! Here’s my 2017 goals, in case you’re new to this blog. Physical: I worked out 6 of the previous 7 days, and took Wednesday off to just relax and recover. I started a new workout program Saturday, January 28, and really like it! I've planned two-a-days successfully according to the program recommendations, and feel amazing!

I've come to the realization that none of my workout pants sufficiently cover me when I do dead lifts or other bending-at-the-hips workouts. I'm really bummed about this, but will see if I can remedy the situation without too many tears. 

I've found a sweet pair of compression pants (on Poshmark) for recovery, as well as general meandering. They're Nike Dri-Fit Power Speed, so I don't overheat as I do in other pants. They're not as tight as the dedicated compression pants I previously wrote about by Nike, so lifting and other mild workouts are actually cool to do while wearing them. I have another pair of these in a less blaring color, but these scream my name. 

Yes, I paired them with other rainbow items and called it good. I felt good, and that's all that matters! I ate really well all week, and enjoyed half a Daiya pizza Super Bowl night, and will have the remaining pizza sometime this week. SO GOOD!!!! I also had some Ruffles with guac, and spicy hummus. Moderation!!! Planned meals: chicken stuffed with kale and cheese, wrapped in bacon with smothering green for a side. We will attempt tacos, or taco salads depending on how I feel about salt after this salty weekend. 

Blogging: I have ideas in the pipeline, I just need to polish them up!

Relationships: Making conscious efforts to reach out, stillllllll not where I'd like to be. 


What are your goals? How did your week go?