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Irritations about Pet Peeves

I am not going to write about the irritations of pet peeves, because I want to enlighten you about why you may want to learn to let go of being irritated to the point of sharing. Why? I catch myself once in a while allowing myself to have bad days created out of a few bad minutes, and it's a waste of time!quote-what-we-focus-on-determines-how-we-feel-and-how-we-feel-our-state-of-mind-powerfully-tony-robbins-83-98-63

I'm not saying you should completely ignore what's irritating you, but you SHOULD say to yourself, "This irritates me. That's okay, it's out of my control, and it's not going to wreck my day." As long as the situation is out of your control, and you do move on from it right away, you will have a great day!

Here's why:quote-what-you-focus-on-grows-what-you-think-about-expands-and-what-you-dwell-upon-determines-robin-sharma-86-46-03

Do you have a friend that always has a phone/car/boot/fridge that keeps breaking, but instead of fixing what's wrong with it they only complain? It's because they only focus on the problem, instead of the solution.

If you have a terrible customer service experience, instead of going on social media and complaining about it, privately write/message the company and explain the situation and what you were trying to accomplish with that customer service person.

If you are at the self-checkout and the machine is NOT scanning your items, instead of getting mad at the cashier 'in charge of' those machines, continue saying thank you for their help and take note to either plan more time for self-checkout, or use the aisle with a cashier!

But here's the kicker: if you bring this bad experience FURTHER into your day/week/month by repeating it to others, you're the person people start to avoid because all you do is complain about trivial things. Yes, it sucks, but in order to have a happy life you need to focus on the happy, and tell others of those amazing times.

Beach sunset photos. Drool worthy food photos. Dogs splashing in the kiddy pool. Kids being slobbered on by puppies. What makes you happy? Focus on THAT!


  • What are ways you 'let go' of a situation to move on with your day?