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Week 4 – 2017 Goals Check in!

46d8c4f31fa6ac3edf3ee4dc3f004613Week 4! We've made it a month! How are your goals going?! january-goalsI made a few weekly goals (move 20+ minutes/day, blog at least once per week, extend communication at least once a week), but I made a few monthly goals that I didn't originally list on My 2017 Goals post: read 2 books per month, visit the beach twice a month, and eat more veggies.

Here's how this past week went:

Physical: Activity each day didn't amount to what I wanted, but after reading this article, I feel better about it. My overall week totaled over 180 minutes for working out, which is AWESOME! Yesterday I started The Bigness Project, which is for hypertrophy, and according to the scheduled workouts (including the optional cardio, which I wanted), I'll be working out more and that makes me happy!

My food went really well this week, including Saturday's lunch which I didn't remember to meal prep for. I was starving but knew I needed to plan this meal correctly since I was weight lifting 2 hours after eating. I was supposed to have baked bean casserole, but since I failed I instead made a pizza.

Hold on, before you get all judg-y, just remember what you put on your pizza determines if it's healthy. I had a fire roasted vegetable pizza, dairy, soy, and gluten free, by Daiya, and I added a cooked and shredded chicken breast to make sure it had enough protein to actually be considered a meal. (I need at least 130g of protein a day)

If you've never heard of Daiya, you need to get on that wagon because they're the bomb when it comes to allergen friendly foods (they have cheesecake that is AMAZING!). I just wish they didn't color their cheddar cheese (all cheese is white, companies choose to color them).

Blogging: Going well! I posted twice, in addition to this one! Now that I'm getting into more of a habit, it's getting easier, which means I have to keep this up for a few more weeks to let it really get into a groove!

Relationships: One step at a time.

For my monthly goals, I was on the beach for 2 days, I've been eating more fruits & veggies than the past few months, and I read 4 books this month (2 were super short and took me 1 week in total): Mindset Diet for a Dead Planet Undaunted Made to Crave


  • What are your goals?
  • How did your first month go?