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Sports Bra Haul

With the beginning of a new year, you might not have considered refreshing your athletic wardrobe choices. I'm not talking just athleisure, but the clothes you actually purposely sweat in! Every January, I check out the sales on sports bras, and find the ones I like and stock up! Why? Just like shoes, clothes wear out. The elasticity on your bras wear out, leaving them less supportive than you prefer.

Last summer I tried out the Breathe by Under Armour, a medium impact/support bra, after seeing the entire back breathes. I knew this would be perfect to stock up with for 2017, so I grabbed a few colors (on sale, plus it's part of Ebates rebates program so I am getting money BACK!).


Since I don't want that much support when I'm only weightlifting, I clicked around to see if there was a low impact/support version and didn't see one, but did find these. They are VERY comfortable!img_4443

And just for curiosity sake, I checked Victoria's Secret, since they're expanding the Sport collection, and found these beautiful bras. They are my new favorite casual bra, but wish they had more colors to choose from.

What are your favorite bras?!