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Week 3 - 2017 Goals Check in!


Officially setting habits into our routines takes at least 2 months, so it should come as no surprise that your week 3 of 2017 goals are a bit of a struggle bus.  I'm no different. I have to tell myself my goals, I have to tell others my goals, I have to ask others to keep me accountable, and I have to ask why I'm delaying my goals by not getting to work.

I did not move 20+ minutes everyday, but some days I moved for over an hour. My body is still adjusting to this new habit, so I'm allowing myself some grace in this transition phase. We had a mini vacation at the beginning of the week, which allowed us to explore and easily earned 20+ minutes of activity each day. Being active while on vacation is important to me, while others use it as an excuse to give up on their goals. You can enjoy vacation while still moving, take a walk around where you're staying. Go for a swim. Do a few laps along the beach. Snorkel. Surf. Paddle board. Kayak. All of these allow you to enjoy your vacation!

I didn't blog more than last week. But I am writing this accountability post.

I did mail a letter back home.

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