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Week 2 - 2017 Goals Check in!

week-2Happy Sunday!!!! Here’s my 2017 goals, in case you’re new to this blog. Here's week 1. Physical:edited I moved everyday this week, over 20 minutes. I had been thinking about doing a real two-a-day workout day for a while, so I read this article to learn more. I knew that doing back to back workouts (like Thursday the previous week) was just not for me, so I had to try it out Thursday. Apparently Thursdays are when I’m really ready to get ripped. It went really well!! I think I’ll do that one or two days a week for a while. That same article says to do no more than 2 solid weeks of doubles, so I figure my method should be fine as long as make sure my caloric intake accommodates them. I know my nutrition will be on point in every other aspect for a smart recovery.

Calories are in just about everything, and give you energy. You’ll GAIN weight if you don’t get enough calories for your amount of workouts.

I successfully completed all three workouts for this week from Jen’s Lightning and Thunder program. I also ran all 3 of the running workouts my Nike+ Run App had ‘assigned’ me, 10.27 miles. The days I didn’t do a program workout, I walked. One night I walked to a post office blue box to mail a letter, the other two days I walked from the back of the parking lot and around each of the stores I went into to make sure I was moving ‘more than normal day activity.’ I feel amazing!

I did a cellular cleanse Friday and Saturday, as I was feeling cravings popping up and knew my body needed it. Cravings are a way your body is telling you it’s toxic, and needs this car wash for your cells. More on cleansing here and here, or just fill this form out, it'll be sent to me, and I'll respond to you in a private email!

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Blogging: Well, I wrote yesterday, and now today. Win! Dedicating time still needs to happen instead of random, even though it’s not bad to write at random times. Sometimes those fleeting thoughts are the most productive.I still have a lot to write about from all that went on last year, too, though.

Relationships: Let’s just say, I need to buy stamps! :)

How was week 2 of 2017 for you?