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Billabong Haul

A few weeks ago, a bandeau bikini top I’ve had for years broke. It was the only bandeau bikini top that hooked in the back, compared to the ones that tie and create discomfort when you just want to read. I hadn’t worn the matching bottoms in a while, my preference of bottoms has changed and they were basically gone in theory. Now they’ve retired to bikini heaven with the matching top. This seemed like a good time to reevaluate my bikini collection, and expand it.

I waited until after Christmas, since everything goes on sale PLUS all of ‘last season’ items get put into the sale section! I firmly believe in buying items after they go on sale. More on that later.

I had been eyeing Billabong styles for a while, until the one I really wanted sold within 24 hours of me discovering it. (I always add to my cart, sleep on it, and then return to see if it was meant for me. Saves money, sometimes.) Now that I had an actual bikini to replace, I went back and found some GREAT style tops and a few cute bottoms. img_4388

jwtwgmht_mls_111While in the clearance section, I found this crazy awesome Vadar Hoody Towel that you can CHANGE IN while on the beach!

Can you think of anything better than not having to change out of wet spandex in the back of a car, behind a tree, or in a port-o-pottie? Right?! Doubles as bathrobe/poncho for the days you just want to dry naturally while you walk to get the mail. ;)

A week before the bikini top broke, I bought two pairs of shorts from a local surf store.

I spotted these black ones and HAD the have them, then remembered after I bought them why I had admired them so much: my friend Rah wore them during RahTreat (blog post coming on that, I'm really behind.) and I had commented that I liked them. Here's a photo of her wearing them in a photoshoot. The blue ones are crazy comfy, too!


Did you get any good hauls for after Christmas sales?