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Setting Goals


Happy 2017! You're already 7 or so days into your goals for 2017, how's it going?! No matter what your goal is for (physical, financial, mental, destination), making sure you're writing down what your goals are, writing down each days' progress to look back at how far you've come, and have fun while working toward that goal is how you're going to stay on target to reach it! goal-setting-header Writing your goals: ask yourself why you want to acheive that goal three times, and write down the answer each time. Which one hits closest to the heart for you? That's the goal you really want to achieve. Once that's set, for now as your goals can grow once you become more aware of why you want this, let's write out your goal to remember everytime you see it: conroy_3

Specific: "I want to stop yo-yo dieting because I don't like the emotional rollercoaster." Measurable: "When I eat [apples] I feel good about myself for longer than just the taste lasts." Attainable: "I will eat [apples] at least 4 days a week." Realistic: "If I eat [apples] on 3 days in one week, I know it's okay and I will do better starting today." Time limited: "I will begin now."

Physical goals: Do something fun to reward yourself for the not-so-fun part of your workouts! I reward myself with new workout clothes every January, because of the goals I achieved the previous year remind me how often I get to wear those clothes during my goal for the current year! Yoga, or your favorite activity, could also be your reward! Maybe going to a laser tag facility, or playing a round of golf!? But you have to earn it!

Financial Goals: Create a chart/thermometer/piggy bank to gauge your progress! Obviously you have a reason for saving/earning more money, make the whole family aware and involved in those goals so you're less miserable 'putting them out' on the way to achieving it! Are you wanting to save up for a special trip/event/purchase, or just to have a better savings/retirement account? Explain the reason to your kids, teach them the importance of this reason, and give them little ways to get involved. Do they know how much money they save by turning off water while brushing teeth? Are you letting them taste less expensive, but still high quality, foods that are perhaps not brand name? Do they understand the eco-friendly reasons behind buying used clothing in good condition, at a lot cheaper than from Nordstrom's, while also giving back to society?


Mental Goals: Reading, journalling, meditating, learning, taking more time for self, etc. Create a time everyday in your schedule that is strictly for this activity. Silence all electronics that aren't assisting you during this activity, set a timer for the duration of your allowed time, and be focused only on in the moment. Fun colored pens, journals, meditation poofs, yoga mats, etc are all added motivating tools to enjoy the time you're spending working on this. Do sunrises/sunsets make it easier to get in this mood? Schedule your time for this activity each day according to it!

Destination Goals: Sometimes you need all three of the above to achieve this goal. If you're unhappy with your physical, mental, and financial situation, do something everyday (10 minutes each!) to work toward the overall goal. A 10 minute yoga practice moves the body and warms you up for meditation/journalling. Having a vision board with all of your goals laid out in plain sight, in the most common room of your goals, will bring you back to why you're on this mission to grow.

Being happy working on those goals, even if you're a little crabby getting started, does help you get through it!