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My 2017 Goals


fitness-goals-logo-full-colorVariety is the spice of life. My mind needs variety, or it will get bored and stop doing the activity I set out to do. That’s why I’ve made a list of workouts to choose from to keep my goal of moving 20+ minutes everyday.

I restarted Jen Sinkler’s Lightning and Thunder Beginner Program, a 16 week strength, speed, and agility program that is written for athlete’s in general. The first time I went through this (you pay for it once, and keep it forever) I made it 8 weeks, and then the move started so I had to focus on not over doing it. During those 8 weeks, though, I increased my strength by 20 pounds on my front squats, and 25 pounds on my inverted rows. I’m excited to see the areas I improve when I finish. This will take 2-4 days per week, depending on if I double up on workouts, or stretch them out.

[UPDATE 1/29] I'm now training on Jen's #BignessProject, a 14-week hypertrophy (hi-PUR-trofee) program released January 23rd. I'll most likely go back to #LightningandThunder afterwards, though, because it's an amazing program.

I’ll be training for a half-marathon, one that I haven’t registered for but probably should do that, by running 3-5 days a week. I might add this onto my lifting days, again depending on how I decide to workout that day. Some of my runs are under 2 miles, so it would be easy to double up workouts on those days.

I’m supposed to do a Nike Training Club 45 minute workout each week as part of my training plan through Nike Run Club (both are free), but I feel that’s too long of a workout when I get my Jen Sinkler workout done in under 40 minutes. But, it gives me an additional option if I need something new.

[Update 1/29] I'm using the added cardio option for the Bigness Project instead of the Nike Training Club, for now, since I've determined the half-marathon I for sure will be running isn't until mid October. I'll be finished with #Bigness in May, leaving me enough time to switch to training for the races I'm doing this year, which the first one is Early July! Plenty-o-time!

I just subscribed to Jillian Michael’s workout app, it’s currently only $4 a month and gives you meal plans in addition to a TON of workouts to choose from. I really just want it for the meals, even though I don’t think it gives enough protein or calories daily in the plan, but it is written for ‘everyone’ and I generally eat a lot more than most people. The workouts do look awesome, it gives me motivation previewing them, even if they just motivate me that’s worth $4 a month.

I need to get back into practicing yoga once/twice a week, but want to wait a few weeks for all of this to settle in so I don’t overwhelm myself or burn out my body. Bigness Project has a quick yoga flow for a warm-up, so satisfying having it tied in every day of the program.

I’ve nailed down my nutrition over the last 3 years, mostly the last 13 months, to really feel comfortable with eye-balling what I eat, and eat based on what my body says I need. I’ve trained my body to tell me which nutrients it needs, and moderate the breads, desserts, and fun foods to a minimal amount since I know those are not benefiting my muscles or organs.

[UPDATE 1/29] I've re-enlisted MyFitnessPal for guidance tracking how much I eat. Somedays I know I don't eat nearly enough even though I can't possibly eat anything else, while other days are the exact opposite. #eatallthethings I'm also curious how my macros turn out based on what I randomly eat, I don't do too terrible!

blogging-goals-for-2017 I want to do weekly updates on my goals, as a check-in to myself and for you to call me out when I’m missing an update. Accountability partners push one another constructively.

I want to share more about what I love, how I save money, and the adventures for this year. I also need to update the appearance of this blog, as well as update the archives.

I love to help people, so I want to write about things I believe might help others. [Feedback about what you want to see advice about here, please]

relationshipgoals-18 Such a tough one, for me, when it should be the easiest you would think. I want to talk with family more often, living 4,000 miles from them now. I’ve thought about a weekly email to some, a hand written letter to others, when texts or calls just won’t suffice. A penpal, if you will.

I want to expand on my desire to spend more time away from electronics while with my people, and encourage them to also put down the devices. Christmas was hard for me, there were 3 people in the room that spent several hours in their own worlds glued to their electronics the entire time, even though they knew I specifically flew 4,000 miles to see them for Christmas. It hurt, and felt like a waste of money, but then I looked at the people who were in the moment and remembered that’s why I was freezing in Minnesota.


[ADDED 1/29] I have a monthly goal of reading at least 2 books, I believe growing the mind is something no one will ever regret. I love learning, so I will be choosing a variety of books, mostly non fiction, and noting them in my monthly goal check-in. 

I also need to visit the beach twice a month, it's truly a place of grounding for me.

what are your goals?Blogging, relationships, financial, fitness, or other – Please, post below, I want to hear them!