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Leftover Champagne

champagne_glassesHAPPY 2017!!!!! For New Year’s Eve, I bought two different types/flavors of champagne from a brand I knew we liked, because I couldn’t remember which of the two we liked; one blue label, one pink label. We knew from the first sip of the blue label it was the one, and we will both never forget it, again. After the first sip of the pink label, I stopped drinking it. It was just too dry; I added juice and tried it that way, and it still didn't taste good. I knew it wasn’t fair to make him drinking it, when he was just choking it down with too sweet juice, so I told him I’d find a way to cook with it. You can cook with wine, there must be at least a few recipes to use champagne, right?!

First, I found jello. Pinterest link: HELLO JELLO. landscape-1482430728-delish-champagne-jello-shots-01I’m a little leary about this, since the flavor won’t change drastically enough for me to WANT them enough to run out and by gelatin to make it. There were MANY other dessert recipes but I am definitely more of a dinner person than dessert. I don’t like sweets that much, except dark chocolate. I eat dark chocolate everyday.

Second, I found something called creamy chicken. Pinterest link: Chicken au Champagne. It’s a recipe you can start & refrigerate 3 days in advance, and just finish on the day you want to eat it. This intrigues me, I only need to let the champagne sit out to turn into vinegar: Thank you, Martha Stewart. 293a849e91f096ff935134937df70233However, won’t letting alcohol sit out ‘open’ draw bugs? After all, gnats are drawn to Apple Cider Vinegar. I’m not inclined to try this method, but I will put it in a wide mouth jar and give it time to breathe everyday. I figured this method will add a few extra days to the process from bubbles to vinegar.

There’s a third recipe I found, it has to do with shrimp and champagne vinegar. When the day comes for the vinegar to be ‘done,’ I’ll pick my protein and go with that recipe. I’m betting I’ll go with chicken since I think the shrimp would need a pasta and I’m not on a pasta craving right now. I’m on a mission to eat more veggies this year, which means less bread products that I would normally have; I enjoy open face sandwiches now for the most part, and cut my pasta serving in half and double my veggie side portion. I haven’t noticed a difference in taste, so I’m sure I’ll be able to stick with this for a long time.


Maybe I can find a ceviche recipe that would pair the shrimp and my new vinegar, that opens the possibility to be a salad topper. MMMM ceviche.


I know it’s hard to imagine having leftover champagne, but have you ever repurposed champagne, or sparkling wine, into a dish?

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