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TopTenTuesday - Concerts

I wasn’t able to come up with a Top Ten list of concerts, even though I have been to plenty. I love music, but I’m only listing bands/concerts that I would go to again.


Five Finger Death Punch - They’re a ‘local’ band, as lead vocalist Ivan Moody spent several summers of his youth in Somerset, WI, with his grandparents. His grandmother introduced him to singing, by enrolling him in a choir, and it stuck with him. They’re an amazing band, more than just rock, and I will go to every concert of theirs I can get into.

Disturbed - I am down with the sickness. They rarely have a show in the midwest, so when they came to Rochester, MN, I bought 2 tickets knowing I'd find a friend to come with! 

Outdoors - My preferred venue


Five Finger Death Punch at RockFest - I only went to day 3 of the 3 day Fest, and it was a lot of fun. Make sure you go with someone that you KNOW you’ll have a fun time with, I was fortunate to not be stuck with someone that wasn’t fun. 5FDP was the only band that I WANTED to see, they were scheduled for 10pm, but I showed up at the venue to see the rest of the bands scheduled that day since it was a gorgeous weather day!

Paul McCartney - He played for several hours with just a short break! It was amazing, for his concert at Target Field (outdoor baseball stadium in Minnesota), I was given lawn (aka floor) seats as a birthday present and I danced and sang the whole concert!

Local radio station 93X used to have XFests. I went to a weekend long one in Somerset, WI as well as the 1-day only Memorial Day fest here in The Cities. Both were a lot of fun, I went with a great group of people to the weekend long fest, we camped the whole time, and I met a great group of people at the 1-day event that I went to by myself. They no longer have these, they instead just promote RockFest which is in Cadott, WI.

Which concerts/bands would you go to again, no matter the price of admission? Are there any fun venues you'd love to return to because of the atmosphere that's created there?