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Wellness Wednesday - How far have you come?

Over on Instagram, I shared a video of a portion of my workout today. I was doing something I haven't felt 100% confident with for a year. Here's the video:

[wpvideo OvlLMNga]

Lateral step-ups are something I haven't done for at least one year, I did step ups this high a few times within that same time frame.

If you haven't been following along, 1 year ago I was in taper for my first marathon. 11 months ago, Reactive arthritis flared it's ugly head after a stomach virus. 10.5 short months ago, I would've cried thinking about doing lateral side-steps because I couldn't put weight on my knees to walk to the bathroom.

After mentally wrapping my head around the pain and lack of movement, shutting my brain up, and listening to my body, I am happily doing thigh-high lateral side steps today. I've put in a lot of work, mentally and physically, and have made sure to eat mostly healthy foods to ensure my progress was not derailed. Wellness Wednesday is different and the same for everyone, to be healthy.

Looking back is the only way to know how far you've come, it's a bench mark with memories and emotions that fuel you to your goals.

How far have you come, what's the one thing that you think of when you're doing something challenging?