TopTenTuesday - TV Shows

TV is a big thing in my family, we all have our favorite shows and get together biweekly to talk about what we thought and discuss them. Other than sports, mainly football for me, here's a list of my obsessions in the Network TV part of your TVGuide. I couldn't narrow it down to JUST ten, so I listed up to ten in each category, these are in no particular order as far as favorites, only "New, returning, cancelled." tv-networksNew this fall:Bull - I'm a big fan of Michael Weatherly, thanks to his role on NCIS, and really wanted to like this show. After the first episode, I'm very excited to see where this show goes!!!

I don't currently remember any other new show, so that's how good it was to me if I saw it.

Returning this fall: Big Bang Theory - This is the new FRIENDS, in my opinion.

NCIS - I like the L.A. and New Orleans ones, but it'll be interesting to see where they go this season after such big season premiers.

Limitless - It took me a few episodes to get hooked, but after my show Numb3rs was cancelled, I felt this filled that hole rather well. I like the character mix, even though the stories generally are all the same plot.

Elementary - Season premier is October 2nd, I'm hoping it'll be as a great of story as CBS has had for the other shows this fall, but after the final episode last season I'm not sure where they'll go this season. Kind of the point, though, right?!

Hawaii 5-0 - Who wouldn't want to watch a show based in Hawaii?! It's just fun looking at the scenery. ;)

Life in Pieces - Fricking HILARIOUS. It took me a few episodes to understand how they layout the shows, but it's GREAT now that I've figured it out.

Bones - I do like a mystery!!!!!

Madam Secretary - When I saw Téa Leoni as the lead, I was ALL IN! 108160_d1600bShe's one of my favorite female actresses, and I feel they filled the characters with phenomenal actors.

Rosewood - I accidentally became hooked with this show, I usually watch Grey's Anatomy at this time on Thursdays, but I feel this is fresher than Grey's and I just can't handle watching all of the Grey's cast die off.

Criminal Minds - Have I mentioned I like a good mystery? While this show is a darker mystery/drama, the cast is a great combination. They have freshness, fun, all while doing the seriousness.

Lucifer - Fox filled the hole in my TV heart where Hannibal used to be, thankfully there is a lot of story they can write so it's around for quite a few years!

Home Free - Has not been confirmed for a 3rd season, yet, so it lies in limbo between categories. I only watched the 2nd season, with Tim Tebow, and his personality may have been why I liked the show. We'll see if Mike has another co-star next year (if it's around).

Series Cancelled/Ended: The Good Wife - I've heard rumor there will be a spin off, which is based on character Diane Lockhart, for streaming only. I'd watch it if it does happen, and I can find it and stream it.

Numb3rs - I love shows that make you think!!!

Person of Interest - So many good seasons, but it [SPOILER ALERT] appear that a spin-off could happen.

Hannibal - Silence of the Lambs into a TV format was something that my little black heart needed, unfortunately my girlfriend and I may have been the only ones that watched. :(


What are you watching?? Do you also watch any of these shows?