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Motivation Monday - When a rest day turns into a week

There's a funny/painful thing about being sensitive to the barometric pressure: all the joints tell you how your day is going to go. It's funny and painful to me, most everyone else just looks at me like "omg are you okay?"

Living in Minnesota is a full-on weather rollercoaster basically year-round. It can be 80 and sunny one day, and 60s and raining the next, with intermixes of snow/rain randomly thrown in there. The painful part for me is the low pressure systems, usually accompanied by the rain/snow storms, and that's what we were blessed with last week.

A heavy line of storms came through, and it rained a LOT. Some places received over 7" of rain, in one day, and we had rain for at least 4 days in the last 9. What does that have to do with pain? The low pressure system that brings in this precipitation reads havoc on my joints, thanks to my reactive arthritis (more on that here and here).

I get to wake up every morning and see how strong my body/joints feel, before I can decide if I'll be able to safely workout. Well, I ended up taking a week of rest due to all of this weather, at least from the gym. I was able to go for some nature walks to get my legs moving safely, which was good for my mental health! I've learned over the past 11 months that a week long rest is perfectly okay, and sometimes it's exactly what I need.


So, remind yourself that it's okay to skip a day or week in the gym, as long as it's what your body needs. Turn off your head and listen to your body before you make that decision, though, since we make up a lot of excuses in our heads that our body would rather ignore.

Show yourself some love, and take care of the only body you get.